10 Amazing things about Melbourne no one told you

Voted as one of the most vibrant cities in the world, Melbourne is Australia’s second-largest city with a population of nearly 5 million people that attracts plenty of visitors from all over the world due to its plentiful array of landmarks and historic architecture. So if you think that you know each and everything about Melbourne then it is not true. But honestly, after reading this write up you will be able to call yourself true Melburnian.


10 Amazing things about Melbourne you might not know


  1. The Doll Hospital


This is the only place to treat your teddies and dolls as in 1882, The Doll Hospital was established for business in Royal Arcade, in Melbourne where people used to bring their teddies and dolls for repairing of damaged hair, bruised cheeks, physical disfiguration, and broken limbs. However, this hospital is still present today but has shifted to Claremont Ave, in Malvern.


  1. 4 Seasons A Day


Visitors can experience a year’s worth of variety in just a single day as the weather in Melbourne is unpredictable. It can be hot, cold, rainy and pleasant on the same day so always get ready to combat changing weather while visiting Melbourne. You know what! the minimum temperature ever recorded in Melbourne was -2.8 degrees Celsius in 1869 when everyone was shivering and the maximum recorded temperature ever recorded was 46.4 degrees Celsius in 2009.


  1. Foodie’s Paradise- Restaurants Per Capita


Yes! It is a paradise for food lovers as in Melbourne city there is the highest number of cafes and restaurants as compared to any other city in the world, including Kazuki’s, Oakridge, Greasy Zoe’s, Sunda, Anchovy and so forth where you can enjoy a portion of delicious food. While visiting Melbourne don’t forget to dine at The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant which is the number one restaurant in the world where you can eat delicious meals prepared by 5-star chefs while passing by the major attractions of the city.


  1. Multicultural City


Melbourne is indeed a city with a diverse culture as half of the population in Melbourne is not born in Australia. According to some reports, 4.38 percent of people are born overseas so you can bonjour here in a variety of ways by saying Merhaba, Namaste or Nihao. While the majority of the people here are from Greece, China, Vietnam, and Italy so you can experience several cultures in a single city.


  1. Home To Five Tallest Buildings


It is a city with great architecture with a height of over 150 meters, the city houses the most skyscrapers in the country including Eureka Tower in Port Phillip in Melbourne, 120 Collins Street, Prima Pearl, Rialto Towers, 102 Collins Street and 568 Collins Street the list doesn’t end here as there are 32 other tall buildings in this city.



      6.Luna Park


One of the best places for fun lovers, built by American showmen J D William, Luna Park is one of the oldest theme parks in the world, under private management which was opened on 13 December 1912 where for more than a century the giant face Mr. Moon, is the entrance to the park which keeps on smiling.


  1. Birthplace Of Black Box Flight Recorder


In 1934, David Warren’s father died over the Bass Strait in a plane crash due to this loss he invented Black Box Flight Recorder in 1958, in Melbourne, at the Aeronautical Research Laboratories to save the lives of others.


  1. Original Name Of The City


No, the Melbourne was not known as Melbourne before as its name was Batmania, after one of its founding fathers, John Batman who was an explorer, entrepreneur, and the grazier, moreover, in association with a syndicate he bought 600,000 acres of land and wrote in his article: “This will be the place for a village.”


  1. Melbourne Proved That Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention


To enjoy the comforts of cars and to move products from one place to another, once an Australian farmer needed a better means of transportation. Considering this, for the first time a Melburnian James Freeland Leacock built a ute which is hot in looks and still a popular choice of every farmer. Some of the awesome utes are produced by Holden, Chevy, and Ford.


  1. World’s Largest Stained-Glass Ceiling


In Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria, there is the world’s largest stained-glass ceiling, moreover this National Gallery of Victoria is one of the most visited, oldest and largest art museum founded in 1861. Here you can see the transformation of the room with a kaleidoscopic display of light with 10,000 chunks of hand-cut hued glass. So don’t miss this largest stained glass ceiling while visiting Melbourne.


So these are 10 amazing things that you might not know about the fox capital of the world. However, there are many other things that you can discover in Melbourne.