10 Best Places to Travel Alone this Summer

The birds are meant to fly in flocks, and hyenas to attack in groups, there is no such restriction for a human who’s eyeing to travel alone.  For centuries the idea of traveling alone was limited to the discoverers but now with the pocket-sized gadget in your hand, the idea of traveling solo isn’t a taboo anymore.  But here’s a catch 22 as you’d have to sort out the best places to travel alone. And even if you’ve done that people would be bombarded with the suggestions regarding safest places to travel alone.

So, why don’t you plug in the earphone for a while and let people say what they want to. And until then go through a curated list of places to travel alone. If some of it hit right at the money, give it a try with keeping solo travel tips to travel alone in the notice.

But before packing up your bag, rather than getting perplexed override you, clear your thoughts and set up ambitions for this solo trip. Most commonly, you want to be an escapist from your daily routine and those faces you just get familiar too much in your hectic routine. Amidst this, traveling solo is a sigh of relief until you shortlist the right choices for yourself


Ideal Places to travel alone



You’re alone and that’s actually your time to go and grab Irish whiskey right there. The Northern Point of Ireland including that Cliff of Moher will wash away all the negative associations tangling to you. It’ll work as Control F5 for the guys looking to refresh out of their tedious routines. It’s a very safe and beautiful country to be there.


Japan solo travel

Japan is a perfect spot for solo travel with its unspoiled nature and ancient traditions, low crime rates, including solo female travelers. Grab a rail pass and jump on the bullet trains and have a trip into the future of insane technology, explore the teahouses and sanctuaries in Kyoto, hiking trails and springs in Hakone, overwhelming neon avenues of Tokyo, and don’t miss the chance to spend a night in a ryokan and have the traditional Japanese food there.


Alone Travelling America

Traveling alone isn’t simply empowering, without the cradle of a travel partner, there’s an increased immediacy to experiencing new cultures and lands. In the US, take your pick of the experiences: you can trek through the wild, eat your way around the globe at gourmet universal eateries, and after that ease yourself into the night over jazz. America is one of the best destinations for travelers. This amazing country has a world inside the world, various cultures, and complex history, from mountains to shorelines, lovely national parks, landmarks and some of the world’s most fabulous cities that are known over the globe.



Travel Canada

Canada is one of those countries where the crime rate is low, further over the previous decade or two, making this an even more secure and all the more engaging spot to travel alone. You can base yourself in a cosmopolitan city like Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver to concentrate on nightlife and museums or take an excursion through national parks like Jasper or Banff. Wherever you travel in Canada, Canada’s super amicable, local people are glad to help you the correct way.



Solo Travel Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small and one of the best countries to travel solo, loaded up with notable historic block-filled and cobblestone laned urban areas, an interconnected system of canal channels through which you can travel to most of the country, delightful and immense farmland, emblematic windmills, and even some wonderful shorelines. Here you can explore historic Harlem, Van Gogh Museum, Keukenhof – which is the largest flower garden in the world, or you can experience the multi-day bike tour around the country.


Travel to Denamrk

Denmark has been securing a spot in the top 10 list of the world’s happiest and safest countries around the globe and a breath of fresh air for solo travelers. Most Danes communicate in English and are happy to help visitors to discover their way around; some even welcome explorers into their homes for supper. Tourists who have a special love for history can appreciate Viking remnants and medieval mansions, while outdoorsy sorts can join local people on thousands of miles of the bicycle path that confound the country.



bangkok solo vacations

Thailand is a top goal for first-time solo explorers, alluring in a huge number of backpackers year on year. Bangkok is taken as toran to South East Asia making Thailand a characteristic first stop on your travel plans. Bangkok itself is an incredible sight and you’d be silly to skirt it. Giving NYC a run for its cash as ‘The City That Never Sleeps,’ Bangkok is noisy, turbulent and sinfully energizing. If you want to have some ‘Me Time’ then it is ideal to plan solo vacations because you’ll find serene islands with white sands, cool beachside bars, and insidious swimming spots.



Iceland solo traveller

Iceland sees so little brutality, so that’s the reason crime fiction is very popular here.  It is also very safe for women to travel alone to this remote island, known for roaring cascades, steaming springs, and rough volcanic scenes. Numerous Icelanders can communicate in a little bit of English, so it’s no issue to get around and visit with local people, and the nation’s biggest city, Reykjavik, feels more like a navigable huge town than a metropolitan city.


Travel to Germany

Germany is known for exclusive nightclubs and beer, and an ideal goal for traveling solo and meeting new people. In summer, Berlin is basically one gigantic lager garden with local people and voyagers alike sharing a stein of the cold stuff. Berlin’s famous nightlife scene is unparalleled in Europe and club bouncers are known to support people and little meetups, so you’ll experience no difficulty getting in as an independent traveler. Aside from nightlife, Berlin is famous for its grungy aesthetic, street art and day festivals.


Taj Mehal

Astounding beaches, authentic landmarks, brilliant desert, rich wildlife, pilgrimage sites, and foggy hill station is what makes India a destination totally worth chasing. There is definitely no doubt that everyone should go to India. It’s an incredible country; one that will undoubtedly leave a traveler changed by the experience. What’s more, traveling solo is an extraordinary method to do it. It just requires playing it safe that may sound overwhelming but it is very much noticed that single women can some of the time be an objective of harassment.