Switzerland things to do

10 Crazy Things To Do in Switzerland this Week

The country of romance, Switzerland, is the second happiest country in the world and the renowned land of chocolates, watches, mountains, and money. However, it is expensive shockingly but provides us with an opportunity to explore some stunning and peaceful places around it and to do fun activities from photographing Chillon Castle to exploring the top of Europe. To make your trip amazing and full of adventures the TripBefore has a list of great things to do in Switzerland.


10 things to do in Switzerland

Visit the Museum of Art

Museum of Art Switzerland

View amazing photography, art and design by visiting the Museum of Art which is located close to the Schauspielhaus and has an extraordinary collections of local and International art as well that includes a variety of works by Max Beckmann, Picasso, Marc Chagall, Monet and Van Gogh. So must visit this place to indulge your curiosity in Swiss arts.


Take a picture with the world’s happiest cow 

world’s happiest cow 

Switzerland is renowned for having the “happiest cows in the world” and because of this, it’s also popular for chocolates with creamy and rich milk. With cute bell rings, cows roam freely there through hills and mountains. So while visiting Switzerland don’t forget to take photographs with these happy milk makers!


Admire the beauty of Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle, Switzerland

Whether you are with your partner, family or friends, Chillon castle is absolutely worth exploring place situated on the banks of Lake Geneva. This water castle has three courtyards and houses 25 buildings which allure more than 3,50,000 tourists annually. Besides admiring you can also reserve this castle for various events like birthday parties and so forth. Except for New Year and Christmas, this Chillon castle remains open throughout the year and the ticket cost is around INR 750 per person.


Dine at Eden Au Lac’s Sky Bar 

Eden Au Lac’s Sky Bar Switzerland

One of the outstanding rooftop bars in Switzerland that offers spectacular perspectives of the city and lake, scrumptious drinks and food with the posh atmosphere. Irrespective of whether you’re on a romantic getaway or a family trip don’t forget to do this sky dining to enjoy cool winds with chill cocktails.


Go shopping at Freitag

Freitag, Switzerland

If you are a shopaholic person then you must explore this famous store, Freitag, located in Geroldstrasse 17, 8008 Zürich and founded by Markus and Daniel. This store offers accessories and water-resistant bags made up of recycled colorful truck tarps. You can go shopping there any day except Sunday as this store remains open from 10:30 AM to 7 PM every day.


Kayaking in Lake Geneva

Kayaking, in switzerland

Kayaking is one of the craziest activities to do in the most popular lake of Geneva in Switzerland which is a serene and calm lake with a castle and beautiful mountainscape on its shore. You can hire a kayak to enjoy riding on the water but don’t forget to follow the safety instructions while doing this thrilling activity.


Play with bears at The Bear Park

Bear Park in Switzerland

Bear Park, that spreads over a large area of hills was established in 1513, in the Swiss capital of Berne. It is a wonderful area of ​​the tourist attractions full of live, friendly and harmless bears. Don’t miss the opportunity to do fun and photography at this park if you are on a trip with your family and kids.


Explore Zoological Museum

Zoological Museum Switzerland

Present close to the city center, Zoological Museum is a welcome free attraction operated by the university. This attraction has exhibits from the university’s paleontology museum, skeletons, and taxidermies for several animal species both living and extinct. Now the museum has become more friendly where you can listen to the songs of 280 birds, can touch some species and can peer into microscopes to see insects as well. 


Take Grand Train Tour Of Switzerland

Grand Train Tour Switzerland

Grand Train Tour Of Switzerland is the easiest way to explore the city of romance in the all-in-one ticket that enables travelers to explore Switzerland from end to end by bus, train and bus on 15, 8, 4, or 3 consecutive days. You can get a discount on this and can take free admission to more than 500 museums as well. So don’t forget to ride in style while visiting Switzerland.


Do fun in the snow at Jungfraujoch

Jungfraujoch Switzerland

Situated 3,454 meters above sea level and is known as the Top of Europe, Jungfraujoch is the highest railway station in Europe where you will find snow around the year due to which you can do a lot of fun and activities there in summer as well. However, it can be costly to get to the top but you can get to the top by cable car or train to meet the most friendly people.


Apart from this, there are lots of other crazy activities to do in Switzerland so plan your trip now to have a wonderful experience.