10 Fun Activities To Do In Spain With Kids


Honestly, you are in for a treat if you visiting Spain with kids as it is a family-friendly destination that offers plenty of fun activities and amazing attractions that keep you entertained. Moreover, Spain is an exceptionally diverse country that is full of fascinating culture, colorful history, spectacular natural beauty, and great food. So, if you are planning a trip with kids then Spain is absolutely the best place to visit. Below you can find 10 activities to do in Spain with kids so let’s have a look.


10 kids-friendly activities to do in Spain


Here is our collection of fun activities that you can enjoy in Spain with kids:


1.Visit PortAventura Park

Portaventura spain park 

Located one hour away from Barcelona, PortAventura is the best amusement park to visit with kids. This water park is packed with Europe’s highest roller coaster, thrilling rides and all kinds of entertainment and shows that make this amusement park the most popular tourist spot, but remember that it remained closed in most of January and February so don’t visit it in these two months.


2.Collect All Delicious Sweets At The Three Kings Parade

Spain three king parade event

If you are visiting Spain in January then you can enjoy this Three Kings Parade event as it used to take place on the 5th of January every year when the cities of Spain are filled with fun, magic, and sweets. In this event, these three kings including Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthasar along with their helpers used to greet kids from their carriages and after a great performance and dances by pages kings throw delicious sweets to the kids. So don’t forget to enjoy this lively event with kids if you are visiting Spain in January.


3.Become A Chocolatier At Chocolate Museum

Chocolate Museum Spain

Located in Barcelona, Chocolate Museum is the best museum for chocolate lovers that demonstrate the origin and history of chocolate in Europe, in addition to this, reveals the manufacturing process of chocolate. Go to the sweetest museum to take part in a chocolate workshop and to see amazing chocolate sculptures with family and kids.


4.Take Madrid City Highlights Private Tour

Spain Private Tour 

The best tour to take with family and kids to see the city’s top attractions including the Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, and Puerto Del Sol in 2.5 hours. In addition to this, engage your family and kids in various fun activities such as a scavenger hunt, trivia and games additionally, learn about the culture and history of Madrid from your private guide while taking this tour.


5.Marvel At Flamenco Show

Barcelona Flamenco Show

Take the wonderful cultural experience with your kids by seeing a Flamenco show which is an exceptional type of dance and songs originated from western and southern Spain. This show usually includes a few dancers performing, along with musicians who sing, clap their hands and play the guitar. Moreover, UNESCO, In 2010, incorporated this flamenco on the list of Intangible Heritage of Humanity and Masterpieces of the Oral.


6.Do Friendship With Panda At Zoo Aquarium

Spain Zoo Aquarium Madrid

One of the most popular zoos in Spain, Zoo Aquarium is located in the green space park having 4,000 animals in it, including koalas and giant pandas. In addition to this, this Zoo Aquarium organizes different workshops and shows for a family that makes it the best destination to visit with family. After spending the whole day in the park you can return to the city center on a cable car.


7.Eat At San Miguel Market

The most bustling, vibrant and varied food market housed in a glass building, San Miguel is present in Madrid where you can enjoy some exciting and new flavors. If your child is a food lover then this market is absolutely the best place for him as it offers a variety of dishes and food such as seafood, olives, sherry, ham, desserts, cava and fish. So you can visit this market with kids to buy a small portion of everything.

8.Get A Bit Wet At Magic Fountain Show

With 4760 lights, 3620 water jets this twenty minutes magic show fountain is a spectacular display of water, 7 billion lights, color, music and water acrobatics. While watching this show that varies from classical to modern pop, you will get a little bit wet so don’t miss to take this amazing experience during your trip to Spain.


9.Attend The Fallas In Valencia

While visiting Spain don’t forget to attend this event which takes place in Valencia city center where you can see a display of colorful characters, a lot of fireworks and light shows. Here your children can ride on the highest Ferris wheel and can do several other activities and in the end, can see fireworks and fallas display as well which at the end of the festival used for bonfire.


10.Go Shopping At Rastro

Rastro is a renowned flea market, held every Sunday in Madrid where you can see various interesting vendors and can buy a variety of things including jewelry, art, antiques, handicrafts and so forth. In addition to this, you can also pop into the cafes to taste paella or tapas and to drink beer.


We are sure that you are not going to get bored in Spain, whether you are visiting it alone or with kids as Spain has plenty of things to offer everyone. We hope this list of 10 activities will help you in making your trip exceptional with kids.