10 Must-visit Places to Enjoy Nightlife in Amsterdam

Your Amsterdam nights should never be boring just as you should never have boring days in the city. The city is a hotbed of attractions and when the sun goes down after a day of explorations, the darkness will usher you into another session full of nothing but mad fun. If you want to enjoy the nightlife in Amsterdam, here are some of the 10 must-visit joints around the city:


Boom Chicago

  1. Boom Chicago

If you desire to have a night full of laughter in Amsterdam, or you want to have the most entertaining evening in the city, then Boom Chicago is where you should head to. Boom Chicago is mainly a comedy club where you will find various shows with different topics that appeal to both American and Dutch audiences.


  1. Concertgebouw

Concertgebouw has a reputation for being one of the three concert halls with the best acoustics in the entire planet. If you love sweet melodies that features classical music and modern compositions, then you should plan to spend a part of your night here. The programs feature a wide range of shows, including jazz and piano concerts.


  1. Paradiso

It was once a church but has now evolved into a club, a cultural center, and a concert hall all under one roof. This is one of the places where you will have a chance to meet some of the world-famous musicians for electrifying concerts. Whether you are interested in reggae, blues, country, pop, rock or folk songs, this is the best place to be in Amsterdam.

Jimmy Woo

  1. Jimmy Woo

You will be blown away by the design you will find at Jimmy Woo. It is one of the best places to visit if you are looking for themed night clubs in Amsterdam. If you want to dance the night away, then you can remain downstairs where the DJ will play to your delights. But if you want to relax and enjoy the evening with a friend, then you can head upstairs.

Café Noorderlicht


  1. Café Noorderlicht

This is a very unique night spot and unlike any other place, you will visit in the city. For night visits, it gives you the perfect spot to relax on the terrace while you admire the sparkling blue waters of the IJ River. The color, the lights, and the sounds will create the ambiance you need to have a great evening in the company of friends or a loved one.


  1. Melkweg

In Melkweg, you will be treated to five different disciplines in one night – film, dance, theatre, music, and photography. Simply choose the experience you want and then have fun.

BO Cinq

  1. BO Cinq

Tucked near Leidseplein, this is one of the city’s best-kept secrets. It has a restaurant with two lounges, where you can have food, fun, drinks and enjoy the evening away with great music from a variety of genres.

Café Weber Lux

  1. Café Weber Lux

Café Weber and Café Lux is where you go to when you want an intimate and cozy atmosphere for fun and chilled out evening in Amsterdam. You can drink, eat, dance and enjoy the pleasantries that life has given you to make it to Amsterdam.

  1. Bihimus

Bihimus is one of the best Jazz clubs in Amsterdam, and this implies that if you want to listen and dance to jazz music in the city, then this is the place you should head to.

  1. Studio 80

If you are a fun of electric music, then Studio 80 is where you should consider spending your evening when you are in Amsterdam. You will enjoy performances from both veterans and new talent and you won’t realize how time flies fast when the music kicks in. Whether you are young or old, the music will make you forget everything so that you can enjoy the moment.