Must visit places in Azerbijan

10 Places in Azerbaijan you Need to Visit Right Now

One of the most beautiful countries to visit, present on the Caspian sea that straddles both Western Asia and Eastern Europe. However, once this “Land of Fire” was notoriously expensive but now it is affordable and offers modern development and blend of traditions to its visitors. Moreover, you can admire subtropical sea, impressive modern architecture, ancient minarets and mosques minarets, mud volcano, flaming mountains and much more on this “Land of Fire”. Are you planning to visit this country? Then check out our ultimate list of 10 places to visit in Azerbaijan-that has something for everyone.


Here is a list of 10 unmissable places in Azerbaijan


Capital of Azerbaijan

While visiting Azerbaijan don’t forget to visit this city, situated at the juncture of Asia and Europe Baku is the capital of the country and also known as ‘City on the Hills’. Due to an evocative mixture of the cosmopolitan present and intriguing past, it attracts tourists from all over the world. This truly unique city offers plenty of things to do, for instance, visiting the Old Town, walking the Caspian Sea promenade, hanging out around Fountain Square and admiring the beautiful architecture that dots the city’s skyline. 


Absheron National Park

Absheron National Park

Want to witness the beautiful fauna and flora of Azerbaijan? Then must visit this national park which has diverse wildlife and landscape. This park is home birds, badgers, Caspian seals, jackals, and gazelles. However, the land is dry but the water is crystal clear and full of occasional sea snakes. Visit this park from September onward if you want to see the Caspian seal.


Garasu Volcano

Volcano in Azerbaijan

If you want to see the surface of the moon then must visit this Volcano who spew mud over 1,000 meters into the air. However, this country is full of mud volcanoes as there are 350 known volcanoes but Garasu Volcano is on the top. So don’t forget to visit this place while visiting Azerbaijan



Sheki Azerbaijan

Towards the border with Georgia, around 300 km from Baku, located in the country’s northwest, Sheki is an astonishing place that is covered by spectacular mountains. No one can get bored in this city as it has cultural, historical and architectural sites in addition to this renowned for its hand-made souvenirs, mouth-watering baklava, artisans, and friendly people. To get rich insights into the culture and history of Azerbaijan do visit this place.



Lankaran, Azerbaijan

One of those famous cities of Azerbaijan which are present on the shore of the Caspian Sea and very close to the Iranian border. Koushik-Bazar mosque and Lankaran Fortress are the two main must-see landmarks while visiting Azerbaijan. Must plan your trip to this medieval city to see fortifications from the 12th and 14th centuries and don’t forget to see tombs of Pir Hussain, ancient structures and other minarets. 



Quba, Azerbaijan

Tired of the hustle and bustle of big cities? Then must visit this city which is present near the Caucasus mountains-to get relief as it offers refreshing green landscapes and lots of other activities for tourists. Quba is well known for its Afurdja waterfall as well which is 75 meters tall. In addition to this, you can also relax at high-quality spas.


Caspian Sea

Largest lake in the world

The largest lake in the world that sits on what looks like an ocean bed. As compared to other seas and oceans the saline content is lower there but water is salty but due to lower saline content, it is less likely to cause irritation which makes it the best spot for swimming. Visit this city to enjoy bot cruises, fishing, and diving.



Nabran City, Azerbaijan

The great tourist attractions found in the Caspian Sea and close to Khudat city in Azerbaijan. This village is now turned into a resort that offers plenty of sunshine in the summers moreover offers water-based activities that include swimming in an aqua park. In addition to this, in the evening, don’t forget to experience nightlife in bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.



Naftalan, Azerbaijan

While traveling to Azerbaijan and looking for the most unusual thing to do then must visit this place which is the best resort in the city and is well known for its oil medical treatment which most people believed has some healing effects. Moreover, spas in Naftalan offers oil-based remedies and oil baths that you can enjoy and that you can use to heal your medical issues.



Lahic, Azerbaijan

The best spot for sightseeing in Azerbaijan that offers handicrafts especially copper handicrafts.  This little charming town is famous for wood carving work and its carpet weaving as well. So to know more about the local life and culture of people living there, must-visit tiny but impressive Lahic History Museum where you can see traditional cooking equipment, ancient weapons, and pottery.