Peru places to visit

10 Places To Visit On Your First Trip To Peru

Packed with legends and tales of God the “Land of the Incas”, Peru is the world’s most diverse destination which is rich in its culture and history. From thick and green Amazonian jungles to snow-capped mountain peaks, mysterious Nazca Lines and ancient Inca ruins, Peru has everything in it. To satisfy everyone’s appetite Peru has myriads of places to visit, for instance, beautiful topography, diverse ecosystem, and archeological sites. So if it is your first trip to Peru then don’t worry and check our bucket list to make your trip the best.


10 unmissable places in Peru

The Amazon Jungle

Amazon Jungle

Spread over 40% of the South American continent the Amazon rainforest is the largest forest and one of the best places to visit for fantastic wildlife opportunities, beautiful scenery, adventure tours, and relaxing cruises. Here you can see thousands of species including macaws, parrots, poison dart frogs, river dolphins, and sloths as well. While visiting Peru don’t forget to explore wildlife.


Machu Picchu

Lost City of the Incas

A wonder of the world and a heritage site, located in the Cusco region, Machu Picchu is one of the most renowned tourist places that sits at 2,430 meters above sea level and houses exemplary ruins of an Inca citadel. This city sometimes also called “Lost City of the Incas” as it was established in the 15th Century and then after sometime abandoned. You can visit this world-famous place in many cheap ways to experience hiking and to explore the stunning remnants.


Lake Titicaca

largest lakes of South America

One of the largest lakes of South America present among Bolivia and Peru, Lake Titicaca is the birthplace of Incas which is an ideal spot to enjoy and relax in the idyllic and serene water of the lake. It is also home to incredible man-made dried Totoro plants and inhabited floating reed islands. While visiting Peru don’t forget to find a variety of ruins in Lake Titicaca.


Basilica Cathedral of Lima

Basilica Cathedral

Situated in Plaza Mayor of downtown Lima, Basilica Cathedral of Lima is one of the top places to visit in Lima. This cathedral was constructed by the Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro and in 1991 was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here you can also see the tomb of conquistador Francisco Pizarro and can admire the serenity and beauty of inside.



Mancora Beach Peru

Mancora is the beach capital of Peru as it has each and everything which one can imagine in a beach town including warm weather, sunny skies, surf, and vibrant nightlife. Moreover, this town seems to have everything from good sea restaurants to International flavors.



Oldest city in Peru

At 3,400m above sea level, situated in the southeast of Peru, Cusco is the gateway to Machu Picchu and the oldest city of the continent. Cusco is the capital of the Incas and due to many good reasons, it has become the capital of tourism as well. The city is covered by remnants and fascinating colonial architecture.



sand dunes in Peru

Largest sand dunes in South America, located 4 hours south of Lima and close to the city of Ica, Huacachina is the most popular destination rich with hotels, houses and surrounded by rolling hills of sand. So must visit this place to discover the legend of the oasis and to experience sandboarding, bodyboarding and ride on a buggy roller coaster.


The Coastal Capital City

City of Kings

A symbol of its Spanish Independence, industry and colonial history, Lima is the capital of Peru, which is also referred to as the City of Kings. Here you can get a taste of the deep history of Peru and can visit the local museum. Moreover, the gastronomic capital of South America has various activities to enjoy including delectable eats, breathtaking Pacific Ocean cliffs, and the historic centers. Don’t miss this place while paying a visit to Peru.



Trujillo City PEru

A third largest city and a gateway to Chan Chan, Trujillo is known for its impressive architecture. If you really want to explore “The City of Eternal Spring” which is known for dance, culture, art, and music, then you should have at least three days. Moreover, the city is full of industries including breweries, knitting mills, and sugar refineries.


Manu National Park

Manu National Park Peru

The most prominent and best-protected park, Manu National Park is a World Cultural Heritage Site which is visited by a hundred of tourists every day. This park is spread over an area of 1,716,295.22 hectares and includes an incredible amount of plants and animal diversity in it. If you want to see some of the forest’s more exclusive and larger animals like jaguars and monkeys then you can go to the deep lodges in the jungle that offer you greater chances of viewing. In addition to this, you can also take tours as well. 


So don’t forget to visit these places while visiting Peru for the first time. Have a safe journey!