10 proven ways to Find Cheap Flights in 2019

Yes! It is right that to travel is to live but paying a large amount for flights really suck and sometimes we even don’t travel just because of high prices of flights as flight fare is the most costly part of a trip so you must keep this cost as low as possible by finding the Cheap Flight Deals. However, to Find Cheap Flights can be a frustrating part of your trip but calm down yourself and check Trip Before’s guide which has all the tricks and tips for you to find the cheapest flights in 2019.


10 ways to Find Cheap Flights are given below

Always Search In Incognito Mode

Your search history impact the prices of your flight as your online activities are monitored by the cookies and most of the airlines used this to see your browsing history which inflates flight prices. So to avoid this use Incognito Mode which is basically number one and genius tool to keep your activities private. You can open this window by using shortcut Ctrl, shift + N to keep your search a top-secret.


Search Often

Search Often

Looking for Cheap Airfare? then search for flights often, every day or multiple times a day, if you have a planned trip as this can help you in finding cheap flights and is the best way to find out whether you’re actually getting played or whether getting a really good deal.


Use The Best Flight Search Engines

Use Flight Search Engines

Use flight search engines to find Cheap Flight Deals because they search the web to get the best price from almost all sites but some airlines are not available on these sites which you need to search directly, for instance, Southwest.com. Some of the best flight search engines to Find Cheap Flights include Kiwi.com, Momondo.com, Skyscanner.com, AirWander.com, Google Flights, JetRader.com and so forth. Moreover, you can also use the Hopper app which up to 1 year in advance predicts prices with 95% accuracy and has helped approximately 30 million people till now to Find Cheap Flights.


Look For Sales

Look for Sales

Keep your eyes on sale as some airlines offer cheap deals frequently and if you get Discount Flight Tickets then your trip would become cheaper than your imagination. So if you want to know about the sales then sign up for the newsletters of airlines and sign up for emails. Moreover, you can also bookmark Skyscanner’s Last Minute Flight Deals, and Daily Flight Deals pages to get Discount Flight Tickets.


Avoid Booking In A Group

Do not Book In A Group

You could save hundreds if you book separately, as airlines always charge less for a single person. Although by booking in group you can sit together but it will cost too much for instance, if you have four members in a group then seat one will cost $150, seat two and three will cost $200 and seat 4 will cost $300 but instead of adding the actual prices together the airline will charge $300 for each seat.


Fly Out At The Cheapest Day

Fly Out At The Cheapest Day

Although it is said that the booking on Tuesday can help you to get Discount Flight Tickets however that is not the case and it is just a myth now because there is not any permanent day for Cheap Airfare. But if you want to know about the cheapest day to fly out then you can download the app and can hop to the Skyscanner website where after adding your departure and arrival cities, choose “one way” and click depart on a computer, then after it select “whole month” and “Cheapest Month” instead of mentioning a date to find the cheapest day to fly out.


Contact Travel Agents

Travel agents do not always deceive you, it is just a rumor that they are money hungry so you can approach them to Find Cheap Flights because they have better ideas and will keep you slightly protected from wrong deals. But do not depend too much on them and before contacting them try to research on your own to get a rough idea of Cheap Flight Deals.


Search For The Cheapest Destination

Cheapest Destination in the world

If you have time but not money then search for the cheapest destination first because by doing that you can find the cheapest flight to reach your destination just by spending a few days in another city in between. You can do this by searching “Everywhere” on Skyscanner to see the list of cheapest destinations or you can search for other cheap destinations to check whether the flight is inexpensive from these cities to your destination.


Avoid Peak Travel Month

Peak Travel Month

If you want to save money or want to take Cheap Flight Deals then be flexible with your travel dates and avoid traveling at peak times because the rates of flights are high during these times. For instance, avoid traveling during summertime, on a holiday when the whole family has time off or at the weekend when many people want to go for a trip. Like if you are planning your trip to Europe and North America then the cheapest time to fly is September through early December or January through mid-May, however, the most expensive time to fly anywhere is New Year’s Eve, Christmas and peak summers.


Utilize The Student Discount

Student Discount for flights

Being a student is a very good time to enjoy tons of perks and discounts as some airlines offer a discount to the students. For instance, Flight centers and STA Travel both offer a discount to the students. Moreover, they also offer a discount to the youth (18-30) travelers and teachers. So if you want to know about the Discount Flight Tickets then just call them and ask.

So if you want to travel to your dream destinations without breaking the bank and without being in debt then you must follow our above-mentioned tips and tricks to Find Cheap Flights and to get Discount Flight Tickets