Things To Know In Indonesia

12 Things You Must Know Before Visiting Indonesia


No matter how many times you visit Indonesia, it will never fail to impress you with its outstanding natural beauty, rich culture, and heritage. With 13,000 Islands, beautiful destinations, abundant marine life, various volcanoes, surprisingly thriving hipster cafe scenes, and tropical jungles Indonesia has something to offer everyone. But if you are traveling to Indonesia for the very first time then there are certain things that you need to know right now.


Things to know before visiting Indonesia:


1.Weather In IndonesiaIndonesia's weather

Seasons in Indonesia are divided into two, that is dry and wet. From November to April there is wet season while from May to October the seasons remain dry. The temperature in Indonesia ranges from 21C to 33C although during the daytime it’s usually humid. However, the locals still wear jumpers and long sleeves as the temperature remains cooler in mountain areas.


2.Visa Requirements

For 30 days trip, Indonesia grants free entry to 196 countries but if you want to extend your period of staying then you can’t. However, if you want to stay longer than a month then pay the US $35 for thirty days plus the option to extend, one time only, for another thirty days. But if your country’s name is not mentioned in the list of those 196 countries then from an immigration checkpoint apply for a visa to visit Indonesia.


3.Don’t Use Left HandNo use of left hand in Indonesia 

If you are a left-handed person then you must learn to say “sorry”  before arriving in Indonesia as the use of the left hand for shaking and eating is considered as something rude. Not only in Indonesia, but in various countries the left hand is considered as the toilet wiping hand so while visiting Indonesia avoid using it or learn to apologize if you are habitual of using the left hand.


4.Do Bargain To Save MoneyBargain while purchasing

While traveling to Indonesia try to learn bargain as it is necessary for everything from renting a scooter, to book a room in a guesthouse, buying clothes at a market and to find transportation bargain is required everywhere to save money and to have fun as locals seem to enjoy your bargain. However, while buying a portion of food or purchasing something from the fixed-price shop don’t bargain.


5.Don’t Forget To Bring Toilet PaperUse Toilet Paper

Yes! it is right that while visiting Indonesia don’t forget to bring wet wipes or toilet paper with you as you won’t find any kind of paper to use after going to the toilet, in most places. But remember, do not be the person who blocks drains by flushing paper in the toilet as the sewage system of Indonesia is a bit fragile.


6.Learn The Phrase “Terima Kasih”Terima Kasih

“Terima Kasih” means “Thank You”, and this phrase is very important in Indonesia as most of the time it brings appreciation from locals, easier bargaining and smiles. If you say this, in return you will hear “Sama Sama!” almost that means you are welcome.


7.Language In IndonesiaLanguage In Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the world’s most populous countries which is made up of separate islands due to which you are going to see multiple cultures and multiple languages spoken here including Sundanese, Javanese, and Balinese. Even though there are 700 languages spoken here but Bahasa Indonesia is the official and most understood language here, which is used not only in education but in media as well. However, English is limited to some tourist towns such as Yogyakarta, Jakarta, and Bali so try to learn a few phrases in Bahasa while visiting Indonesia.


8.Numbers To Call In Case Of EmergencyEmergency Call Number

If you feel yourself in any trouble or emergency then you can call 113 for the fire department, 110 for the police and 118 for the ambulance services.


9.Beware Of PickpocketsThefts In Indonesia

Pickpockets and thefts can be present anywhere, especially in public places so be careful and follow the following tips:

  •  Never use excessive jewelry.
  •  Don’t use your mobile phone too much.
  •  To carry your precious belongings don’t forget to bring a front-small pouch.
  •  Don’t put the valuable things in your backpack.


So, If you want to remain protected from thefts and pickpockets then don’t forget to follow these four tips.


10.Pay At “Alfamart” or “Indomaret”

Sadly, if you want to purchase anything with local companies online then your foreign credit cards are not going to work in Indonesia. But don’t worry you can pay at the “Alfamart” or “Indomaret” store which you can find almost everywhere. Make the payment in cash by just showing the code to the cashier provided by the Traveloka app.

11.Don’t Be Surprised With A TrafficIndonesia's Horrific Traffic

In some of the countries in Indonesia, the traffic is horrible, for instance, in the islands of Java where there are a lot of vehicles, cars, motorcycles and even big truck using the same road that causes the higher rate of accident. So it’s better to rent a car with a driver to get around the city.


12.Taste Street FoodIndonesia's Street Food

If you want to save money then eating in a street is the best way which is not only tasty but also cheap as well. Here food is as cheap as $1 and is much better than the well-known eateries where you will pay 10 times that price.


We hope that this guide will help you while your visit to this incredible country. Good Luck!