12 Tips for Cheap Family Accommodation no one told you

A zestful solo traveler never frets about the accommodation as sleeping in bran isn’t a bad option and same goes for taking a nap on the hammock anytime. But that’s not the very same when you’re traveling with family – let’s be clearer cheap family accommodation is entirely a different chapter and if anything goes wrong, be very prepared to face your partner’s wrath and angry birds-kinda faces of your own little kiddos.

But this write-up can be saving grace (if you already had one such spoiled trip) and in case you aren’t one of them, still, it will add up more to your knowledge and make your family accommodations comfortable without spending few extra bucks.


Cheap Family Accommodation Guide for Travelers 


Never-Ever Pay Through the Nose

Though it isn’t a bit of advice as travelers are wise living entities, still that’s just a suggestion for a fraction of travelers who went on spending extravagantly, thinking way too much of their budget is still left with them. Bad days don’t make a knock prior to entering in your life so always have enough cushions to deal with the untoward situations, especially when you’re on move and that too with your family. The best practice is to already define your expenditure; even if it’s the plastic money you should b quite clear where to spend what.



Think off the location

Where to get hotels

You don’t always need to stay in the hub of the city or metropolitan area as if you’re getaway is to explore the beach and that’s on the other corner of the city, try finding some suitable place nearest that. Traveling can cost you big at times, and when you’re already tight on a budget it can make the situation go worst. So, the point is to try choosing a hotel, apartment, guesthouse or even anything else that suits your itinerary and makes it convenient traveling for you. With the likes of Uber used for getting one point to another, it’s just the swipe on your gadget, but still, you need to get the ideal location for accommodation to save few monies.


Shoulder season can save big moolah

This break between on and off seasons is known as Shoulder-season and that’s a high time when fares around are low and it’s less-crowdie as well. Planning to visit around this time of the year can help you way too much with your sightseeing itineraries. And last but not the least, deliberately or undeliberately you also saved a huge sum of money as its shoulder season going on. Moreover, if you’re worried about the weather conditions at that time, it’s mostly spring or autumn, which makes it enough favorable to travel along with the family.


Try getting a hotel for more than 1-Night

Do you guys know about bulk-buying discounts? The idea of booking space for more than 1 day is very same as this complete package will sound more economical to you and your bank balance rather only booking a hotel for one night. Moreover, if you include your meal, high tea and transportation from a similar hotel (if they are offering) it can cut short your budget way too much. In short, it means if you get a combo package for your family, it can provide you with everything under one shelter and back your ultimate mission of cheap accommodation too.


Keep hawk-eye on the deals

If you’re the one booking your hotel online, rather than settling for one website for always doing that, you can look onto multiple websites to make sure you get the best deals available at the moment. The probability is your favorite booking website may be causing a bit more damage to your pocket for hotel accommodation as some other competitor might be up with some crazy promotional deal at the moment. So the point is whenever you’re booking some space, check difference websites before snapping the deal.


Prefer staying in Apartments

Accompanying family for vacation means your trip can be something around or more than a weekend. In this case, opting a hotel for accommodation can cost you big. So, one thing is clear from here on it won’t be living it up to the Cheap Family Accommodation idea of yours’. In these circumstances, the ideal thing will be renting some furnished apartment over a weekend and get the best of your time. This way you would additionally get an option of cooking for your own self and for sure that would save few pennies as well.



Use Tripbefore

If finding local hotels or someplace that exactly suits your holiday sounds a tiresome task, you can lookout for a helping hand. And not like you scrolling on different hotel booking websites and getting work done; just hire a local from TripBefore, who’ll get the perfect match for you. Moreover, that local will also guide you during your itinerary, unveiling some exciting never known before places for you as well.


Couch Surfing

Do you know there are people across the globe who are happy to share their space (homes, flats, apartments) with travelers. And finally, to get them conspicuous on the travel forums, a website named ‘Couchsurfing’ aim to connect the traveler and locals who lent or share their space.  In case you are finding the idea bit quirky, Couch Surfing team offers the 100% security and make sure you have one rememberable stay over there for ages. One thing is clear you’d get charged way lesser than those of your hotel stay and this way you also unlock your opportunity to make new friends.


Home Exchange

The tourism industry is always up with a fresh-breezing idea and this time around it gives you an opportunity to get your accommodation for free. Sounds great, Nah? Indeed, it is, with courtesy of ‘Home Exchange’ you can swap your home with someone for vacations. This way you can spend your vacations in their home and vice-versa. The home swap is a thing that’s happening in the European market for quite some time now, and the portal like ‘Home Exchange’ assure you to get the best out of this idea.



Many of the traveler guys still believe glamping is one ostentatious display or an extravagant act but that’s not very true, at least when you want to keep adventure and pocket-friendly situation hands in hands. It can be deal not to be missed at any cost and at times it costs you way lesser than those top-notch hotels in the town. It also adds the much-needed thrill in your trip as setting amid of the forest or mountain with all the facilities on your side is a feeling you can’t cherish every other day. And when it’s your family along, it’s a whole new kind of experience.


Try booking mid-week

Mid-week is never the peak timing when it comes to renting hotels unless it’s some festival going on during that time. So, prefer booking your accommodation for the mid-week, if possible it will cost you way less than what it is on the weekends. The point is the footfall is less during the mid-week and it’s a handsome opportunity for one to get the hotel room booked for the lowest prices. It wouldn’t be a shocker to those avid travelers that fares are quite low in mid-week as compared to that on weekends.


Living in a nearby town is an option

Living in some mainstream area or hotel isn’t the only option on the cards; you can get a better place on the outskirts of the city or in some nearby town. Such places give you enough of the naturalistic views and help you in your mission of cheap accommodation as well. In case you’re curious to know these nearby towns have all the modern-day facilities just a tap away from you. So not counting them in thinking they are far-flung from the main city won’t be the wisest of your moves.