5 Best Festivals In Thailand That Will Astonish You

Number one tourist spot in South East Asia, Thailand is renowned for stunning temples, breath-taking beaches, the world’s top attractions, and delicious and spicy food due to which Thailand attracts approximately 35 million tourists every year. Thais love to celebrate festivals that’s why several festivals used to take place in Thailand which attracts several tourists across the globe who like to celebrate unique events and festivals. If you want to know about festivals which are worth seeing then you are in the right place as a trip before has a list of 5 top festivals in Thailand.


Below is the list of 5 Best Festivals In Thailand:

1.Songkran-Water Festival

Songkran Festival In Thailand

One of Thailand’s most prominent festivals, Songkran used to take place every year in April from the 13th to the 15th since it is the hottest month in Thailand. Songkran is basically a water war festival that has earned great importance in the Buddhist calendar and marks the beginning of a new year in which it becomes packed with tourists. However, the official celebrations lasts 3 days but people used to celebrate this event for a week as these celebrations are originated from the Buddhism religion. During this festival, the whole kingdom fills with music, drinking, and dancing. Moreover, no one is safe from getting soaked as people use water guns, hose pipes and buckets to splash people with sprinkles of water. On the first day of Songkran people used to clean their houses to welcome the new year and on the 14th of April they celebrate Wan Nao when several Buddhist used to visit temples to build a sandcastle which resembles Buddhist temples then the final day comes when Thais used to do plenty of events and go to temple where they get blessed by monks and tie bracelet on their wrists to make them protected from evils in addition to this splash with a sprinkle of fresh water to purify their souls. 

2.Vegetarian Festival-Phuket

Vegetarian Festival Thailand

Used to take place in October, Vegetarian festival is one of the major festivals in Thailand which takes place in Phuket when people used to follow a vegetarian diet for consecutively 10 days and abstain themselves from eating meat, garlic, onion and some other food not only this they resist themselves from indulging in any sexual activity and from killing and lying as well because they believe that this will grant them the peace of mind and excellent health. During this festival, revelers participate in different activities such as laying on the bed of knives, face piercing, walking on coals, fireworks, and dancing plus do different chants as well because they believe that each drop of ejected blood will purify their soul and will convince God to protect them from evil. These ceremonies are usually held in Chinese Temples where visitors can witness a lot of sharp objects as well. Moreover, a parade of mutilated people also used to take place there which is accompanied by fireworks and drum beating in addition to this, special cuisine is also served to squeamish people. But if you are faint-hearted then we recommend you not to go to this event as it is really awful.

3.Yee Peng- Lantern Festival

Festival of lights Thailand

Celebrated in Chan Mai in November, to pay tribute to the water of goddess, this festival of lights is the most spectacular festival in Thailand when you can visualize paradise in the sky. During this festival, Thais used to decorate their houses and public places with lanterns and flags. Moreover, to celebrate this event people gather at the bank of the Peng River where they release lanterns in the sky which is lotus shape small floating vessels usually made of banana leaves that are decorated with candles, flowers, incense and lock of hair in addition to this also make paper boats to watch them float away. They release these lanterns in the sky to get relieved from all bad things and misfortunes of previous years moreover to express their gratitude to the water goddess. After releasing these lanterns they enjoyed firecrackers that light up in the sky and music performances as well. So if you want to enjoy this truly spectacular view and want to make a wish then Mae Jo University and Phae Road is the best place for it. 

4.Phi Ta Khon-Ghost Festival

Ghost Festival Thailand

Combining a fun-loving party atmosphere, religious traditions, and local handicrafts, the ghost festival is held in Dan Sai Town which is celebrated by the locals of Thailand for 3 days when locals wear ghastly colorful masks with phallic noses and stretched faces. The celebration starts on Friday when parade takes place then  Saturday is reserved by pageant and music show while on final day Buddhist ceremonies used to take place as it is a mixture of both animism and Buddhism beliefs. The event is celebrated to recreate the party that was celebrated a long time ago. Moreover, they believe that not only alive people will attend this party but the dead ones as well as this festival is based on the journey of Prince Vessantra who didn’t return from his journey but will attend this festival for sure. The Ghost festival also includes music playing, dancing, and cheering.

5.Boon Bang Fai-Rocket Festival

Rocket Festival In Thailand

Accompanied by party full of frolic and fun, beauty pageants, live folk music and drinking local wines, Boon Bang Fai, which is also referred as Rocket festival is used to take place in the month of June or July for the celebration of fertility and to call for rain before the beginning of planting season and everyone is encouraged to attend this festival. In this festival, locals launched the rockets to encourage god to send plenty of rain on the earth in addition to this conceal their identity by becoming a woman and perform weird acts in the belief that God will send a thunderstorm in revenge. The length of rockets is usually 20 feet that are fuelled by charcoal and sulfur. One of the most interesting things about the festival is that the person whose rocket soared highest is considered as the winner and awarded by the prize of TBH 10,000.