A complete Travel guide for Backpacking on Budget

Backpackers are the craziest travel entities, who are valiant enough to travel around without spending way too much. One thing is sure backpacking is never about extravagant stay or staying in the comfort zone.  The other point is the stay of backpackers is not for some definite period, few days or weeks; it can extend up to a month or few months in some cases as well. Moreover, they aren’t the conventional vacations you pack your bags for; it’s a bid to get to see locals more intimately and explore the culture as well.

This write-up has its own audience, whether it be the pro-backpackers or even the first-timers, it has got all sorts of cheap backpacking tips. What makes it an ultimate travel guide for backpackers is responding to all ifs and buts of the backpacking industry. So, get tidy and pack your bag as this write-up tend to work out as an adrenaline rush for all the backpackers out there.

The budget travel 2019 can be a challenging task for sure, but still and that stands way more than only settling for a cheap backpacking gear for yourself. The backpackers face some serious troubles when they are penniless or running low on the budget. This backpacker’s guide answers all such concerns and makes you standout whatsoever are the conditions.


Tried and Tested Tips for Backpacking on Budget


Pack Lightly – We really mean it

Of course, you can’t miss out on your essentials while on move but that doesn’t mean you have to carry a few extra pounds of weight through your bag. So what’s the point? Get your priority right – means get the essentials you actually need during your long trip. Moreover, try adding essentials that carry lesser weight as you’ve to pay for the freight on international flights, and even when on a jog at destination lifting too much weight can cause you backache. So make sure your convenience and utility go hand-in-hand. If you miss out on either of them be very prepared to get stuck in some real-time issues.


Group traveling is as good as bulk-buying

For sure you understand the bulk-buying discounts. Similarly, traveling in the form of a group can save your money big time. By doing so you won’t only witness cut in the traveling fares but for accommodation, food and other activities as well. So, next time when you’re eyeing to backpack plan up with the like-minded people. Apart from saving bucks, it will make your travel experience pleasant like never before.


Fitness Watch is an essential

When you are away from home, your routine somehow works reverse as you don’t have many activities or a proper schedule to work upon.  Though, you can sort that out with making a complete timetable for your longer-trips. And if it still feels like hell of a task, keep your fitness watch along with you as this gadget will keep you fit for sure.


Try hotels offering complimentary breakfasts

Though backpacking isn’t about staying in the lavish hotels, still at times you need to get under the roof as camping or tents not standout in every condition. And when you’re doing so book hotel that offers complimentary services such as breakfast, extra mattress, and dry cleaning of clothes. Doing so can be your wisest move as it can save you from spending for extras or other services apart from the accommodation.


Get knowledge about Local Cuisines before eating

The roadside food on any of the best backpacking countries can be pocket-friendly and exciting to the taste buds. But that can get you in serious trouble as well if you go ahead eating without inquiring about the cuisines in detail. It might include something you’re allergic to and that’s when it can make you rush to the hospital any sooner. Moreover, the spice levels or unhygienic food are the common reasons you land yourself in trouble saving a few pennies.


Best Backpacking Destinations – Google it

The best backpacking countries aren’t that popular with every traveler as they are mainly meant for the nomads. And in case one is eyeing to have a lavish vacation, these backpacking countries might not have much on offer. The point is choosing wisely when finalizing your backpacking destination. Make sure it’s safe, pocket-friendly and worth-visiting.


Carry insulated flask with you

A batter kinda flask with you on journeys can save you from dehydration and help you with other electrolytes as well. You can store your favorite beverage in it for hours and trek or camp for hours. The insulated flask will keep your drink in its original form for long and keep you motivated to go one extra mile.


Use Public Transport & Ride-sharing Apps instead of Taxis

The ride-hailing apps, most commonly Uber has changed the way people used to commute. The standout point for these apps is you don’t have to wait for it or travel to a particular station – just a tap on your fan and it will be at your place.  Moreover, there are another bunch of ride-sharing apps as well including RideScout, Lyft and Hitch to split fares while traveling. And in case you’re at someplace where you can’t get all these facilities, try having public transport as it’s something tried-and-tested and easy on the wallet as well.


Sleep in Camp

How does it feel like sleeping under the sky and counting the stars? For sure it sounds great; this is something backpackers go onto have quite often. We are just voicing in support of it as it not only pledge your budget travel motto but also give you a whole new experience. And who knows some of the first-timer backpackers have the fantasy of camping and taking a nap under the sky.


Cook for yourself

Cooking for yourself or your backpackers’ clan can make you look super cool. Moreover, it can be pocket-friendly as well. And you can eat without worrying about the hygiene as you yourself are in the helm. You can make something your taste buds are well adapted to as not getting fine cuisines are very much on the cards when you’re backpacking. The best part is you can learn to make a few of the salads, sandwiches, noodles and other foods that don’t ask for your strenuous efforts. Once you do so, you’re good to go as the master chef of your backpackers’ community


Rain cover for you even if you’re traveling to a barren land

Try getting all the essentials for you when backpacking for a month-long trip. Though we ain’t negating the ultralightweight backpacking, still we want to save you from getting caught in the lurches. Make it clear even if you’re traveling to a drought-stricken land; keep your rain-coat along. It might not create sense too many, but while away from home one should be very prepared for any sort of condition.


Haggle as every penny counts

Even some backpacking friendly countries didn’t come up with fair price thingy and that’s when vendors and shopkeepers overcharge you. This is most probably done as you’re a foreigner and they think you’re a noob to know the exact prices for the particular product or service. But you need to act extra-smart in such circumstances and haggle for every penny. Even if you’ve enough buying power at the beginning of your journey, still haggle and negotiate for prices as you never know what’s next on the cards for you.


Hitchhiking makes you a true backpacker

Hitchhiking is some real fun and one can’t afford to deny that. It may look awkward for you to stand alongside the road and asking for a lift. But that gives you an entirely new experience and new friends as well. The hitchhiking comes in the play when ride-hailing app and taxis are charging you way too much. Or else you’re on sightseeing and need to stop at one destination and head to other up next. For me hitchhiking is very crucial as it saves you a great amount of money directly or indirectly.


Get local on your side

A local has more experience and know-how about his native place and you can count on them without making a second thought. The local can help you with accommodation and planning trips as well. Therefore, TripBefore is one righteous platform to hire local on the cheap price, who’d save you on your expenditures while the tour and make it always stay within the budget limits.


Power bank with your Camera phone

The smartphone has changed the people used to live, and that has made an impact on the travel and tourism industry as well. You can get some of the best travel-friendly apps for backpacking as well to save yourself from last-minute issues. And to make sure your phone keeps working relentlessly; always get a power bank along.