Baby Jumping Festival 2019 in Spain

Baby Jumping Festival 2019 in Spain History, Venue, and Details

If your eyes are already stuck with La Tomatina or Running of the Bulls festival in Spain, get over them as Baby Jumping Festival is another distinctive event happening in this part of the world. FYI, Baby Jumping Fiesta happens every year in Mid-June July in a small village named Castillo de Murcia.  Moreover, it’s not something new or happening for several years now, it has a rich history that dates back to 1620.  This festival has even appeared in The Guardian as one of the strangest events across the globe.

Those who are just curious to know what this festival is all about, it’s jumping above the babies while laying the floor. It should be noted here that toddlers less than 1 years of age are laid on the mattress in the street. Those jumping over the infants are dressed up in red and yellow as Colacho (Devil). By doing so these Colacho actually soak away the innate sins attached with the children, resulting in their prosperity.  These week long-festivities witness Colacho jump as the final event which usually culminates on Sunday.

Though the origin of all this event has remained unknown still the cleansing of sin process makes it something similar to Baptism.  It won’t be wrong to say that it’s Spain’s very own way to baptize their little ones. At the same time, it should be noted here that at first this event was limited to locals in the first place but now from several years it has even attracted masses from across the globe.


What is El Colacho?

You may name it Baby Jumping Festival or Baby Jumping Fiesta for Spanish people it’s actually El Colacho. The name El Colacho actually refers to the jump of the devil as Colacho is the term for the devils. Those playing devils during the fiesta wear red and yellow colour outfits. And what they do next is jumping over the kids lying on the street. It may sound weird to those hearing it the first time but for those doing it since ages its part of their culture and tradition.

This particular event known as El Colacho happens during the Corpus Christi, which is a Catholic feast getting arranged in Castrillo de Murcia. The locals actively take part in all this but as of now the popularity is going beyond the borders and that’s pushed foreigners to attend this event as well.


History of El Colacho – Baby Jumping Festival in Spain

El Colacho Jumping Festival

You might be hearing for this El Colacho thingy for the very first time, but it’s actually happening from several centuries now.  To be very exact, this festival dates back to 1620. Albeit the story behind initiating this festival remains unclear, still the year it all started stands out as a universal fact. The festival had the humble beginning as it was only about the local people of town taking part in this.

As it’s celebrated during the Corpus Christ, it has week-long festivities right from the go. With having roots to paganism, it is taken out as one unorthodox way of baptizing. At very first it was announced as a fertility ritual but things changed from here on as historians went on knowing that it’s against the innate sins. Another theory in this regard suggests that Colacho (Devil) jumping up from the kids meant soaking up all the sins from them. Consequently, making it prosper for the kiddos in the future.


Baby Jumping Festival | A Baptism of its own kind

The ritual washing of a newborn is taken as a baptism in many of the factions in Christianity. Though each and everyone has their own belief regarding when and how it all became part of the holy ritual, Baptism is something happening since ages. The El Colacho festival in Spain seems one inspired by Baptism, and the mantra behind it remains the very same.  Those getting involved in this act believes this tradition washes away the innate sins of a newborn and result in a prosper life ahead.

Colacho, the main character of all this activity is dressed up in red and yellow as a devil and with jumping above the infants lying on mattresses on the streets, it actually promises good things ahead. Long story short, the yellow-masked devil absorbs the innate sins attached to the infant and promises them protection against misfortune and diseases.

Once all this activity is done, the rose petals are sprinkled all over the infants. Not to forget with all this festival, the event Corpus Christ also comes to an end.


Baby Jumping Festival Venue

In case you think it has some specific venue or an entry ticket, you need to rethink as this one happening in the streets of the small village Castrillo de Murcia. In case you don’t know this place and don’t even want to bother Google maps for this, it’s in the province of Burgos. To be very exact, this village lies in the municipality of Sasamon.

This tradition happening for centuries now have become part of the pivotal, and now people from all parts of the world arrive to attend this event every year.  This event happening on the streets of the small town doesn’t have tickets or some selected venue. In case you want to be part of this festival just head to this part of Spain in mid-June. Moreover, if you want to have a blast of a trip, you can hire a local from Trip Before as well. The local will accompany you and cater you have the best memories while traveling for this strange festival.


Baby Jumping Festival Facts

Baby Jumping Festival 2019

4 Centuries-Old Festival

This festival happened back in 1620 for the very first time. And since then it’s happening every year in mid-June-July.


Another way of Baptizing

This baby jumping festival does exactly the same what baptism do. In short, this Spain very own way of baptizing their little ones.


Colacho means Devil

El Colacho means the devil jump and Colacho means devil. Therefore, this kid jumping festival witnesses’ men playing devils clad in red and yellow outfit.