Boryeong Mud Festival 2019 Venue, Tickets and Accommodation

If shaking leg on trance music or any other sort of EDM feels an outdated thing to you, the whole different Boryeong Mud Festival is there for you. This Mud Festival held in South Korea, every year in July is one of its own kind’s events. It can be further elaborated as this 10-day event attracts millions of people from all across the globe.  The mud festival taking place at Daechon Beach has something to offer for the people of all ages. But not forget the real essence of the festival, get frolic in mud and go-carefree.

Rolling in the mud might be childhood wish for many of you out there. Finally, the Boryeong festival has set the stage for you, where you can play, roll and have different fun activities in the mud.  This care-free getaway is something you all need in the first place this summer.  Hold on, it’s actually way more than getting your stressful routine on a break. The Germanium and Bentonite enriched mud is known for excellent benefits to your skin. It should be noted here that many researchers are of the view that Boryeong mud has more healing and miraculous effect than the Dead Sea mud from Israel.

The makers of this festival have plenty of fun activities to offer, plus they have set a dedicated family zone as well.  Once you make it to the festival, there is a handful of opportunities to make new friends and participate in the mud and non-mud related activities as well.

Boryeong Mud Festival History

Boryeong Mud Festival

This South Korean mud festival will finally be recording its 20th outing this year. Yes, it all commenced back in 1998 and only lasted for 4 days. The idea behind this entire event wasn’t that strong but it stirred the ripple effect in its very first outing. This mud-related festival attracted millions of tourists and that backed the Boryeong economy with a profit of 350 million won. What would be an interesting story in this regard is from where it all started as the idea behind this festival was nothing more than a marketing strategy.

It was the year 1996 when Boryeong, famous for its miraculous mud developed 16 mud cosmetic products. The public awareness and marketing in this regard weren’t on the right track. And that is when the makers of these cosmetic products went out of the box and kicked off with a festival named Boryeong Mud Festival. In case you’re curious to know from where the name for this festival came from, it’s coined from Boryeong city, which is home to Daechon Beach and much more.

Things to do at Boryeong Mud Festival

Boryeng Mud Festival 2019

This Korean mud festival has gone places and now over the years it standout as one of the reasons why tourists worldwide visit this region. It isn’t the miraculous mud that gathers a massive number of people; it’s the aura during the festival that gets the attendees over the moon. This festival offers diversity by offering different programs and establishing various fun zones and activities for people of all group ages. The family zone is one such example where you can get your kiddos to play safely without worrying about them.  By letting your kids play in the family area, you can yourself make it to the festival’s regular zone. If that’s too crowded for you, the global festive fair and mud village are the places made for you.

There’s too much to offer for your muddy-appetite, but then if you need a break and head to some jamming session or listen to some music on the play, the Citizens’ Plaza is there for you. Moreover, you can enjoy some terrific performances in the Busking zone as well.

In case you’re a vibrant lad and only on mud isn’t sufficient for you, then get ready for mudflats wrestling, marathon, football, and other games as well.

Boryeong Mud Festival Venue


The entire Boryeong city, located in South of Chungcheong province in South Korea goes on festival mode. But the main highlight during this 10-day event is Daechon Beach.  Stretched over 3.5km, the beach stands as the main site of the festival. The gentle slopes and apt water temperature during summer makes it one of the must-visit place.  The mineral enriched mud on this gives a miraculous effect to your skin. And that’s the reason you don’t give a second thought while rolling in the mud.

It should be noted here that all the utilities from Daecheon beach are just at the walking distance as it lies in the hub of the city.


Boryeong Mud Festival Food

A tourist by heart is a foodie in some capacity and this festival actually understands that. All you’ve to do is get your taste buds recharged as gastronomic pleasure is something guaranteed here.  If you’re the first-timer in South Korea, this festival will provide you with a chance to explore all the local cuisines in proximity. The special food zone is established on the site of the festival, where mud-themed restaurants offer you delectable food.

Some of the best known local cuisines in Boryeong are Webfoot Octopus, Pen Shells, and Grilled Jumbo Shrimps. You can get all this food at the festival’s site, plus you can also visit the local restaurants around.


Boryeong Mud Festival Accommodation

As the festival attracts millions of people across the globe, the accommodation in Boryeong city isn’t an issue at all. You get plenty of options, whether you’re eyeing to have lavish accommodation or looking for space with basic facilities. If you’re someone who feels homesickness too early so can opt places, which give you a home-like feeling even hundreds of miles away from home.

Apart from that hiring a local from TripBefore can be a perfect choice of yours as the local can accompany you and guide about the do’s and don’ts as well. Plus, upon your request, the local can arrange accommodation of your choice as well.


Boryeong Mud Festival Transportation

Though Boreyong is a place away from hustle and bustle of life, still transportation is readily available, especially during the festival days.  No matter from which part of Korea you want to join the festival, the bus service keeps you pampered.  In case you’re coming from out of the country and your landing is at Incheon International Airport, the bus leaves for Boryeong several times a day from Stop 09D. Moreover, the express buses from the capital also take you to the central bus terminal in Boryeong.

Moreover, you can also book taxis from anywhere around to the festival’s site as well.

Boryeong Mud Festival 2019 Tickets

The best part is the tickets are up on sale online and also on the event’s day at the gate as well.  As per the Boryeong festival’s management 30% of the tickets are sold online, whereas the remaining are up on the sale during event days.

It will be pertinent to mention here that a regular ticket for an adult will cost you 12,000 Won on weekdays, whereas it will cost you 14,000 Won on weekends.  The age frame for the adults is from Age 20 to 64.  On the other hand, youth ticket for ages from 11 to 19 can get regular tickets for 10,000 at weekdays and 12,000 Won at weekends.

Those who are eying to do bulk-buying should go ahead with that as special discounts are also available for that. Moreover, family zone tickets and discounted offers for Boryeong are also available.