Burning Man Festival Theme

Burning Man Festival 2019 Tickets, Theme and Tent Details

Rather than a festival or a celebration, it is experimentation where masses spend a week-long in the barren land of Black Rock Desert. Miles away from the luxuries of life, this event provokes DIY as people make a city on their own, named Black Rock City. Burning Man isn’t the ordinary event you go for tapping your foot or partying hard; it is something beyond than that. Based on principles like Radical Inclusion, Gifting, Decommodification, Communal Effort, Leaving no trace and 5 others, Burning Man now stands tall as a global community with having footprints on six continents.

The mutual coordination and art are something one could see quite often in this event that ends with burning a wooden effigy; terming it as a burning man.  The people regardless of class or what they have collaborated with each other to set up a city for 8 days. The Burning Man event is held every year since 1986 a week before Labor Day weekend. This year 2019 event will be taking place from 25th August to 2nd September.

Talking about the temporary metropolis, it will be made by the participants on their own.  Though it will lack all the daily-life facilities, it will give one whole new experience. And that is what Burning Man event is all about.  The attendees end up making mesmerizing sculptures and artwork that is utter meaning to radical-self-expression.  The idea of this festival is getting popular with every passing day and that’s the reason from past several years it has been jam-packed at the event’s site.

What happens at Burning Man?

The burning man is neither an art exhibition nor a musical event; it is way beyond than that. It won’t be wrong to say that it is something for inner you. In the very first place, it teaches you stability and self-reliance while having mutual cooperation with people. And that too coming with the art of gifting as it’s also a way of expression. The artwork different artists and attendees do is a reflection of their ideologies and thoughts, plus it stands completely meaningful to the audience as well.

The burning effigy/sculpture is the last resort at the event and that is taken as one mode of expression. Some of the art-lovers even interpret as the burning of man’s worldly desires and lust. At the same time, they tend one to think a soul is that’s meant to last eternally.

Burning Man 2019 Theme

The Burning Man has set a certain theme for each year’s event. This time around it is Metamorphoses theme. It should be noted here that participants aren’t restricted to follow the certain dress code or theme. Still, many attendees opt to comply with the theme and try to justify it to the core. And that is done through their artwork and costumes at Burning Man.

Some of the prominent themes in the last several years are as follows: Wheel of Time, The Green Man, Hope and Fear, and Psyche.

Burning Man Outfits

Burning Man Festival 2019 Costumes

There isn’t a certain guide to follow regarding what to wear at Burning Man. It is all up to you as this event is purely about self-expression. And what another way can be better than denoting it through your costumes? The only suggestion for first-timers in this regard is its desert and quite hot too, it would be better to wear something in accordance with that.  Else you can wear anything funky, formal, and informal or a costume relevant to the theme. It’s all up on you, there are no such prerequisites regarding the outfits to be worn during that long week.

Many of the attendees who are on the site to explore a different lifestyle wear the same clothes throughout the 7-day festival. This gesture comes up as it’s their survival in the barren desert with building a temporary metropolis. Moreover, the participants rely on themselves or prefer going for mutual coordination to make things happen.

Burning Man Art

Art is truly the mean of expression and that motivates many of the budding and proficient artists to make a difference in the event.  Though they lack what it is required to make impeccable sculptures or art, still with building things from scratch, Burning Man brings some unforgettable masterpieces into the light. This year’s famous art collection includes Archaeopteryx, Bee or Not to Bee, Cathenge, Chakra Cannon and many others.

Burning Man 2019 Dates

The Burning man event isn’t particularly about Nevada or US, it has widespread all across the globe. This all has left worldwide to know about the schedules of this much-awaited event year. It should be noted here that many foreigners garner the event with their presence.

This annual event happens a week before the Labor Day weekend. Following that dates for this year’s event are from August 25 to September 2. Moreover, the final event of the burning man takes on Saturday night, a day before Labor Day.

Burning Man 2019 Tickets

Burning Man Festival theme

The tickets are up on sale for one of the distinguished events in US history. In case you’re eyeing to make it to this year’s festival, keep note that you’re supposed to buy tickets in advance. On-site tickets aren’t available so for this purpose you’re supposed to make a rapid move before BM festival management ran off the tickets.  A ticket per person will cost you $425 plus another $100 for your vehicle pass. Kids age 12 can enter for free while accompanying their parents or guardian to the site.

Those with low income have special package for making it to the event as Burning Man’s Low Income Ticket Program has over 4,500 tickets on sale at $210 each. To get hands on such tickets you’d have to prove through the low-income certificate to stay eligible for this program.

Burning Man Tent

The accommodation at Burning Man is way different than other festivals or events. There isn’t a whole different space for accommodation and tenting beside the main stage. It’s all built at the same place, where people get their camps registered prior to the event.  You can request to join the already established camps or else register yourself for the camping purpose.

Moreover, you can bring tents along with you or else be ready to ask for your neighbours help in this temporarily held city.