Burns Night: How it is celebrated? Supper Menu and Traditions

Burns Night as the name suggests is an homage to the Scottish poet Robert Burns. The bard is majorly known for his romantic poem Auld Lang Syne and Scots Wha Hae, which remained in popularity as the unofficial national anthem of Scotland for decades.  The Burns Night aka Burns Supper is eminent poet’s birthday anniversary, celebrated on his birth date 25th January.  Notably celebrated throughout the UK, the Burns Night is making waves in other parts of the world as well. It’s because of Rabbie Burns’ literary impact on lives of masses and standing as an inspiration to the flagbearers of Socialism and Liberalism.

The poet who stands tall in the literary world with penning down around 550 poems and songs had the first Burns Night five years after his death in 1801. And that was only a family and friends affair. But soon after it all went to the next level, it stood as an annual festival on the birthday anniversary of the epic poet.

These gatherings are held at restaurants, arts councils, and organizations in Scotland and so in the UK. The reason behind the celebration is to pay tribute to one of the most celebrated Scottish poets of all time. Following those various traditional activities is an integral part of this festive.

What’s Burns Night?

It’s a celebration and commemoration of the greatest Scottish poet of all time Robert Burns and that too on his birthday. His rich contributions to the Scottish culture and traditions gave an entirely new dimension to the Scottish lads. And that also inspired the founder of socialism and liberalism in some capacity. In wake of Rabbie Burns’s contributions and making the young generation familiar with his legacy, the Burns Night is being held for more than 2 centuries now.

This festive night comprises of various activities including the recitation of various songs and poems of legendary poet. Not to forget crooning of Auld Lang Syne, this is most commonly played on New Year eve. The Burns night is incomplete with feasting on Haggis and that all gets even better when the host recites Burns’ famous ‘Address to a Haggis’. The ceilidh dance of the attendees is yet another major highlight of this festive. At the same time, one can’t deny the bagpipes adding more to the aura of the event. Last but not least, the domestic Scottish whiskey is all around the event to celebrate it rightly in the Scottish way.

Burns Night Public Holiday or Not?

Robert Burns stands as the national poet of Scotland and the common mindset in this regard is its public holiday in the vicinity. But that’s not true as this big day is observed all across Scotland but it is never a bank holiday or what you call it a public holiday.

It will be pertinent to mention here that even the ceremonies and events are held in Robert Burns honour on his birth anniversary. But it’s never taken as a national holiday.

Burns Night Menu

The Burns Night aka Burns Supper is incomplete without the poet’s favourite lavish dinner, which is itself a way to pay tribute to the bard. It always starts with a cuisine named Haggis. Those who aren’t actually aware of this feast, it’s a savoury pudding that contains ship’s liver, heart, and lungs. Up next this meat portion is minced with suet, onion and various spices. The great Scottish poet was a huge admirer of Haggis, which he used to describe as “great chieftain o’ the puddin’ race”.

The Burns Supper begins with haggis being presented to the attendees while host croons bard’s fame ‘Address to a Haggis’. The Cullen Skink Soup is also in the must-have list at the Burns feast. And what doubles all this fun is the domestic Scottish whiskey.

Robert Burns Poems

Robert Burns with 550 poems holds a mark in the literary world and that tells that his excellence isn’t limited to Scotland.  The diversity in his write-up and masterpieces is matchless and that makes him one looked out for names in English literature as well. Few out of many of his epics include the most famous ‘Auld Lang Syne’, ‘Scots Wha Hae’, and ‘Address to a Haggis’.

Auld Lang Syne is one of the poems you listen every year on New Year. This poem is actually about the last day of the year and bidding adieu to the going year, plus, welcoming the upcoming year as well. On the other hand, ‘Scots Wha Hae’ is a song that has remained unofficial national anthem of Scotland for long. Moreover, ‘Address to a Haggis’ is a poem for all the foodies out there or particularly the haggis-lover out there. The way he portrays this cuisine it’s sure to get foodies on cloud nine.

Where to Celebrate Burns Night?

You can celebrate it anywhere on the planet. It’s not a festival having a specific venue or performances; you yourself can be the host with calling your friends and family at your place for this special night. Moreover, if you want to be one of the attendees many bigwig restaurants and fine dining places to host this Burns Night. You can get the advance booking for it and get your tartan ready for the event.

If you’re in the UK and planning to celebrate Burns night here are few of the places you should actually go without having a second thought about them. The Ceilidh Club in London is a must-visit place for the Burns night. The traditional Scottish dance is a sight not meant to be missed.

The Birmingham Whisky Club in Birmingham hosts dedicated mic poetry on the eve of Burns Night.  At the same time, in Glasgow Oran Mor is the place for you to do your Scottish celebration on the Burns Night.

Burns Night Traditions

Robbie Burns is being honoured for his mighty contributions to the Scottish culture. Therefore, these celebrations on his birthday are a homage to his mighty contributions.  Following that The Burns Night is celebrated in high spirits with having a close association with the traditions. Though it isn’t a compulsion wearing tartan is taken as a tribute to the Scottish culture. The ceilidh performed on the eve works as an icing on the cake for all the Scotland and Burns fans’ out there.

Apart from that traditional dance, the bag pipeline crooning, national flag waving and reciting different poems boost the Scottish culture as well. Not to forget, the domestic Scottish whiskey, which turns out to be an ultimate delight for all the attendees out there.