Americans in Cuba

Can Americans legally travel to Cuba? A Complete Guide on Travel Restrictions

A country of indefinable magic and only 90 miles from Florida, Cuba is the most populous and the largest island in the Caribbean Sea, which is why it always rank very high on everyone’s bucket list. Cuba is a country full of perfect beaches and historical heritage due to which it is a fascination for everybody to Travel to Cuba. Traveling to Cuba from the United States has been an appealing option for Americans as well as people from other parts of the world. If you want to know about the rules, laws, and complications of Americans traveling to Cuba then you must check our complete guide on travel restrictions of Cuba.


Tips and Tricks to Travel to Cuba

Travel to Cuba

If you are an American citizen and wondering that Can you Travel to Cuba? Then the answer is “Yes” but what you have to do is just to follow some rules and laws of the country, for instance, you must have some you have some other documents in addition to the passport moreover you have to make sure that you are following regulations.


On a major airline with less than two spots on the journey, you can fly from your hometown airport to Cuba. Moreover, you can go without any stop from Fort Lauderdale, Miami, New York-JFK and some other cities in addition to this you can also travel through Canada or Mexico.


The government of Cuba permits American citizens to visit their country. However, the restrictions on where you can spend money and reasons for travel are all American rules. So your passport is valid in Cuba regardless of American regulations. An official in the US and Cuba are usually not too interrogative, so relax and Travel to Cuba without any worries.


Cuba Passport Requirements

Cuba Passport for Americans

  • To travel to Cuba you will need a full-sized passport as a passport card is not sufficient.
  • Make sure after the dates of your Trips to Cuba your passport will not expire for at least six months. However, these rules are not imposed by Cuban officials, but by some cruise lines and airlines.
  • You may or may not get a stamp on your passport while leaving or entering Cuba. But remember that it is necessary only when you are a souvenir otherwise it is not important.


Things to be considered while your Travel to Cuba with US passport

Cuba Travel guide


Select your category before Travel to Cuba

Cuba Travel category

If you are an American citizen then you have to select a valid travel category in the form of a general license because American citizens can not Travel to Cuba just for tourism. Select one category out of 12 and keep it the same throughout your Cuba vacations. Following are the categories for legal Travel to Cuba:


  • Educational activities
  • Support of the Cuban people
  • The business of the foreign governments, the U.S. government, and certain intergovernmental organizations
  • Professional meetings and professional research
  • Religious activities
  • Humanitarian projects
  • Importation, exportation, or information or transmission materials
  • Family visits
  • Certain export transactions
  • Activities of research or private foundations or educational institutes
  • Exhibitions, athletic/other competitions, clinics, workshops, and public performances


Support for the Cuban people is one of those categories in which most people can fit into.

Support Cuban people Itinerary

Following are the circumstances where you’ll be asked which category you choose:

  • Upon arrival at your casa particular, you may ask about your travel category.
  • While booking lodging they can ask about your travel category.
  • While booking a flight they can ask about your travel category.
  • At the immigration counter of America, they may ask about your travel category.


Plan your itinerary

Plan your itinerary

You are required to plan an itinerary as part of the license, demonstrating your plans on your trip and telling how they are fulfilling the terms of your selected license.


Take a tourist card

Cuban tourist card

While you are traveling to Cuba you must have a tourist card in order to enter the country, whether you are an American citizen or not as it is required by the government of Cuba, sometimes this tourist card is also called as Cuba Visa which you can obtain through your airline or online as well.


Get Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Travel to Cuba requires a health insurance card which you can get from Havana simply or you can purchase just a few dollars per travel day from booths before customs. However, on American and JetBlue Airlines Cuban-mandated health insurance is a part of your ticket price.


Currency Exchange Strategy

Cuba Currency Exchange Strategy

Keep in mind that your American ATM, credit and debit cards are not going to work in Cuba so you must have cash with you. You can make reservations of the bus through Viazul ahead of time and can book your lodgings ahead of time by credit card via Cuba Travel Network or Airbnb.


Follow the restricted list

Cuba restricted list

On November 9, 2017, regarding Travel to Cuba, the restricted list is one of the most recent rules that has been released. On which certain hotels or restaurants are mentioned in which you can’t stay and various travel companies are mentioned, you can’t do work with them.


Keep your records and receipts

Keep Cuba records and receipts

For up to five years, don’t forget to keep all of the records and receipts from your Trips to Cuba with you because sometimes the US government can demand these records from you.


Custom Allowances

Cuba Custom Allowances

If you are an American citizen then you should know what you can bring from Cuba to America because there are certain extra rules for Americans.

  • You can bring art, an unlimited amount
  • You can take any souvenirs, up to $400 total to America excluding cigars, art, alcohol or prohibited items
  • Alcohol, tobacco, and cigar.$100 total maximum.


Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items to get back to America

  • Firearms
  • Chemicals
  • Drugs
  • Animal products
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Animals


So, the process of Travel to Cuba is really very easy and that is all which you have to follow if you have a US passport. Just keep your records and follow some rules and regulations to make your Travel to Cuba memorable.