Cheap places to travel

Cheap Travel Places you need to visit once in a lifetime

The ever-growing desire of traveling can put some weight on your pocket, however, there are a lot of destinations where you’ll get more bang for your buck. So, if you are wondering about the Cheap Travel Places that you can visit without breaking the bank then check out the following list of Cheap Travel Places that will allow you to travel in the most cost-efficient way.

As the world is full of affordable places so here is the TripBefore’s collection of the

10 Cheap Travel Places you need to know



If you are looking for cheap holiday destinations then must visit this city, although the city of angels is full of high-end venues, top international restaurants, hotels, and  bars due to which this vibrant city seems to be very expensive but Bangkok can be an unbelievably reasonable spot to venture out in case you’re willing to live and eat like a local.


Malaysia trip

As compared to South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong this country is quite affordable and one of the best cheap holiday destinations. If you want to remain on a budget then visit this place among November and March when the Northeast storm hits the east shore of Peninsular Malaysia due to which the prices of air flights and hotels fall in the weeks paving the way to, or straightforwardly following these months. Besides this, while you are in Malaysia try to get around the city by bus and stay and eat in cheap hotels and restaurants. So visit this one of the cheap travel destinations which have really something for everybody.


Taj Mehal India

The seventh-largest country by area and one of the ultimate cheapest countries to visit which has several landmarks to explore. There are not many nations where you can travel so widely and eat so well for so little. In case you’re after a shoreline break, shun Goa for the beautiful shorelines of the sanctuary town of Gokarna; for astounding sustenance, it’s difficult to beat the puris and kebabs of Mumbai’s street wall; or head to the Golden City of Jaisalmer from where you can investigate the apparently unlimited sands of the Thar Desert. The country has many cheap places that are worth visiting and several free of cost things to do that will make your trip unforgettable.


trip to Sri Lanka

An Island country covered by the Gulf of Manna, the Indian Ocean, and the Palk Strait. There is no other country like Sri-Lanka where the sun keeps on smiling all round the year and houses colorful culture, exciting safaris, golden beaches, ancient cities, and adventure sports. Sri Lanka is truly affordable but not as modest as India but if you avoid taking expensive tours and will stay in budget lodgings then you can get by an average $30 a day.


turkey trip

Sat among East and West and once home to the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires in Turkey, you’ll discover cave cities, Roman ruins, and obviously a lot of Mediterranean shorelines. It’s more fragile currency has made it one of the cheapest countries to visit at this moment, as it has endured financial issues recently.


travel to iran

With amazing hospitality, lovely ladies, and the dazzling island of Hormuz, this is a nation that will blow your mind every step of the way. Exploring crosswise over Iran is a really stunning experience. In case you’re glad to Couchsurf and to hitch, you can go here for under $10 per day. So visit this one of the best cheap travel destinations on the planet now to spend your vacations.


Travel to Georgia

This little nation in the Caucasus is one you’ll most likely be hearing about in the upcoming years. It’s exceptionally inviting and simple to go in and extremely simple on the wallet, as well.

Yes! We are not reluctant to say that it is a super cheap so don’t be surprised to find  $15 a night budget rooms or $5 dorms. Plan your visit now to get your feet wet in the Black Sea, to explore the beautiful Caucasian Mountain range and to pay a visit to ancient hilltop monasteries while visiting this incredible city.

Central America

Want to visit the ultimate cheap holiday destinations? Then go to the smaller countries in Central America for instance, Guatemala,  El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras where you will discover most budget lodgings for around $15 every night, dinners for $3, most transport ventures at a similar cost, and lager for not exactly a dollar.


Tremendous and different as well as the nation with the biggest populace, China is a perfect destination to spend holidays with more megacities than some other nation on the planet and any visit to this Asian mammoth is a bewildering and drawing in the blend of enchanting customary,  innovation, and culture. China being a super-cheap destination is just a myth now but with a caveat, it is still a budget destination and one of the cheapest countries to visit in Asia where food is $2-5 per meal, lodgings cost less than $20 a day and public transportation in cities runs less than a dollar. However, the country turns out to be much less expensive, when you get unexpected and the inside. This is the place you’ll locate the best travel deals and bargains! China still stays extraordinary as compared to other worth places on the planet.

Stop being bored at home during vacations and experience the above mentioned Cheap Travel Places that will make your vacations wonderful without getting into debt.