Fuji Rock Festival 2019 Lineup, Tickets and Accommodation Details

If the EDM, fast-paced music and noise around isn’t your cup of tea, the Fuji Rock Festival is actually made for you.  The 2019 edition of Fuji Rock will be 22nd in the line without any hiatus since 1997. From the last three years, the cumulative audience of over 125,000 people is something making this Japanese festival mighty success. The theme of this three-day eve is ‘coexistence of nature and music’ and that is something making it different from other music festivals happening across the globe.

Standing tall as Japan’s very first rock festival, grabbing the top spot among entertainers wasn’t as easy as pie for this festival.  The very first outing of Fuji Rock Festival held on Mt. Fuji back in 1997, which was a complete fiasco. The 2-day event could only witness a few performances on the first day and the second day being called off due to the typhoon. The management wasn’t prepared for such untoward incidents and that got dozens of attendee’s injured and ill. The very next year the Fuji Rock Festival moved to Tokyo and Toyosu and showed glimpses of a promising event.

Up to the next, the music festival was shifted to Naeba Resort and here began the rise to glory. It’s the same Naeba Ski Resort, which is hosting this year’s Fuji Rock Festival as well. It should be noted here that it’s the same venue for the last 20 years.  Talking about the upcoming edition, Fuji Rock Festival 2019 will be kicking off on 26th July until 28th July. Below are the details about everything you need to know about this much-awaited event.


What is Fuji Rock Festival?

This annual rock festival is organized by Smash Japan at Naeba Ski Resort, Yuzawa. The name Fuji Rock Festival is coined due to the venue of its first edition, the base of the Mount Fiji. The annually happening festival for all showcases over 200 national and international musicians through different jamming sessions and concerts. This 3-day event is taken as the largest music event in Japan without the slightest doubt. The footfall for the last three seasons has always stayed over 125,000-mark and this year it is expected to soar even higher.

The year 2015 was the first time when footfall reached 100,000. And all that has become possible with bringing the ultimate diversity to this festival.  As the management believes 100 people have 100 different ways of enjoying, this rock festival has something for people of all ages.  There different stages set for the event include Green Stage, Red Marquee, and White Stage. Not to worry as the Kids Land is also there right in front of the Green Stage. The 30+ food stalls at Oasis bring the delectable local food for you. Plus, you can also count on them if you’re eyeing to try different cuisines from across the world.

fuji Rock Festival 2019


Fuji Rock Festival at Naeba Ski Resort

One of the most popular snowboard and skiing resorts, Naeba Ski Resort this time will be marking its 20th consecutive year as Fuji Rock Festival’s venue.  Though it’s around 290km away from the base of Mount Fuji, it still carries on the iconic name and legacy of the Fuji festival held back in 1997. The first Fuji Rock Festival outing was complete dismay but as soon as it moved to Naeba Ski Resort, things changed for good. This festival at Naeba Resort is spacious enough to have various stages and all the basic facilities. Moreover, it fulfills the go-to aim of the organizers, making it one of the cleanest festivals across the world.


Fuji Rock Festival Transportation

Once you’ve decided to be part of this year Fuji Rock Festival, the next thing you need to look out for is lodging and transportation. If you do that without prior homework and arrangements in this regard, it can be tedious at the crowded event.  So if you opt to go to your personal conveyance, don’t forget to buy the parking ticket. Apart from that, there are multitudes other options if you want to reach the site via public transport.  The extensive bus plans from 22 cities across Japan take you to the site of the event during and before the festival starts.

Another option to make it to the festival is book Shinkansen (bullet train) tickets and you want to make it all hassle-free, the round trip Shinkansen is something made for you. These tickets are already on sale since 9th April; book yours’ before they all get sold out.


Fuji Rock Festival Lodging and Accommodation

Fuji Festival 2019 Hotels

As Fuji Rock Festival has stood tall as one of the finest music festivals of current times, it has been a crowd-puller for sure. But at the same time facilities are just getting better by every passing year and that is all done in the wake of visitors’ suggestion and convenience. The onsite camping area is there for accommodation purpose right from the go with advising the visitor’s to bring a tent and other such facilities along. But now at Gan-Ban, official shop of Fuji Rock Festival, the tent rental service is introduced for visitors. In case you’re curious to know about the onsite camping, it will cost you 3000yen.

The hotels and local residents are also there in the locality, who especially offers the lodging during the festival days.  In case it all requires too much of your strenuous efforts, hire a local from Trip Before, who’ll guide and accompany you throughout during the Fuji Rock Festival. The local can also arrange accommodation over prior discussing it all in detail.


Fuji Rock Festival 2019 Lineup

The three-day event kicking off on Friday 26th June will last until 28th Sunday. Fuji festival bandwagon has always been increasing with every passing year. And this year’s lineup is yet another proof of it.  This year over 85+ artists will be showcasing their talent including bigwigs like The Chemical Brothers, SIA, James Blake and The Cure.


Fuji Rock Festival Tickets

The Fuji Rock Festival 2019 tickets are up on sale since February and that too under the tag early bird discount. Following that discount ticketing, one could buy the one-day ticketing priced at 18,000Yen and for three-day it was 39,800Yen. As of now, the advance ticketing option is up to grab that will too save some bucks for you. Through the advance ticketing, you’ll be able to get a 1-day ticket for 19,000Yen and the 3-day ticket for 42,000Yen.

From 1st June onwards the general ticketing will be available at 20,000Yen for 1-day and 45,000Yen for a 3-day outing.

Those who are purchasing the tickets from GanBan would also have to pay a 2,000Yen handling fee for the tickets. It should be noted here that GanBan is an ideal option for the attendees coming from overseas.


Fuji Rock Festival 2019 Stage

Fuji Rock Festival is a lavish getaway for sure and that too near nature. The green stage, situated in the mid offers big names and big fun. With a capacity of 40,000 people, this is one of the most entertaining stages on the site. Green Stage is followed up by White Stage, Red Marquee, and Field of Heaven. At the same time, there are hands full of options for amusements and plenty on offer for the foodies as well.