Full Moon Party Thailand Dates 2019, Schedule, Tickets, Accommodation, and Transport

Have you ever thought what makes Thailand one of the most visited countries across the globe? Indeed, one can credit Bangkok for offering everything to both the travelers and revelers. The exotic Bangkok nightlife and street food remarkably add to this city scoring as most popular among the tourists. But that’s not all Thailand is about; you’ve got dozens of other must-visit places to cheer out loud on your vacations.

The gulf of Thailand has endless reasons to make your memories as it has some mesmerizing islands like Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, and Koh Samui. The aforementioned places have plenty to offer as the custom and festivities go on around the year. Out of them, Koh Phangan is one place trending for the infamous Full Moon Party, which is actually a boon in disguise for the Asian partygoers. And the best part is you never have to wait the entire year to become part of this exciting event as it happens every month.

Everything you need to know about Full Moon Party Thailand 

Where is Full Moon Party Thailand held?

The island-based in Southeast Thailand, Koh Phangan aka Ko Pha-ngan holds this captivating fiesta every month. Haad Rin Sunrise town and beach in particular host this night-long boisterous party. The Sunrise beach stands pivotal in this regard as it offers lavish bungalows on the verge of the beach. The onsite camping walk away from the main function is very much on the cards, and yes that offers all the glitz and blitz you need to make this night memorable for ages.

The very first moon party was held in Paradise Bungalows beach, back in 1983 and it was only limited to 20-30 travelers as a mode of gratitude by the locals. Nobody would have foreseen this party getting popular enough to host people around 8000-25000, and many of them visiting the place from far-flung areas or across borders.


Full Moon Party Dates 2019

At the timing of writing, you’ve still got 3 chances to make it to this much-hyped event. As mentioned before it happens once in a month on the full moon date with respect to the Lunar Calendar, and if it falls on the very same date as Buddhist Holy Day, it’s pushed to next day.

Here are the details about when will be Full Moon party taking place in remaining months on this ongoing year:

  • Monday 14 October 2019
  • Monday 11 November 2019
  • Wednesday 11 December 2019


Full Moon Party Schedule

It takes place on the full moon (lunar calendar) unless it’s the Buddhist holy day on the very same date. The party which has more of the weightage of music, especially the psychedelic trance, drums, and reggae kicks off at the sunset and lasts until the dawn. The revelers enjoy various activities to the fullest and the crazy attire plus makeup and paint they wore gear things to another level. The point is once you become part of this party clan its irresistible.


Full Moon Party Tickets

The Full Moon Party is getting the rave reviews from tourists and that’s what people around the blog pack their bags right away. So, if you’re one of those or some other positive word of mouth has made your mind to experience this one-night long gala; finalize your plan including the accommodation and transportation to the sight.

Last but not the least; you’ve to buy tickets on the eve at the entry gate to make it to the party. It’s fairly priced at US$ 3, 00 / THB 100 at the entrance of beach of Haad Rin. Instead of a ticket, you’re handed over a wrist band as your entry. Moreover, the charges you pay are dedicated to make sure the cleanliness and maintenance of the beach.


Full Moon Party Accommodation

The accommodation thingy can be tricky as the party goes on all night and the villas and houses on the beach can’t be your place if you actually want to sleep. Many of the attendees just get accommodation to secure their valuables, luggage and get a nice bath before the event. And once when they are free from the party, they hold on their luggage and travel back to their mainstay place.

The cheap entry ticket and no need of accommodation thingy make it one ideal outing for the backpackers out there. But over the years, one can witness diversity as people from all-culture and classes are there in quest of gratification. It won’t be wrong to say that this party has something for everyone as luxury bungalows on beachside are also there if you want to spend some cozy time in your personal space.


Full Moon Party Transport

It’s the trickiest part especially when it’s your first outing at this event. But once you make, it will be no-difficult for you to gear up for the next time. The combo packages or bus-boat can get you to the island or the other popular option is to get a train ride from Bangkok to Surat Thani and then get a ferry or speed boat that will rush to your destination in something between 3-4 hours.

The point is you’ve to reach Surat Thani, from where you get several options including the red pickup taxis available around the clock.  This option standout easier on the pocket and takes you exactly at your destination, Haad Rin.