La Tomatina

La Tomatina 2019 Festival Tickets, Accommodation, and History

There are hundreds and thousands of festivals happening across the globe. Some of them look like the ditto copy of others, but then there is one of its own kind festivals, La Tomatina. One may call it the weirdest festivals but you can’t actually underestimate its repute as the biggest food fighting festival worldwide.  Happening on last Wednesday of August every year since 1957 (official permit) it’s all about smashing over-ripe tomatoes on and another. This tomato fight festival in the town of Bunol in Spain stands out as a matchless festival with even getting the cold shoulder from many other food fighting festivals being staged in different parts of the world.

The tomato fight La Tomatina is purely for the sake of entertainment as people from far-flung areas across Spain and even from other countries travel to become part of this famous festival. Starting back in 1945, La Tomatina was banned in the 1950s. It was exactly the year 1957 when demonstration and funeral marches granted this festival official permit. Back in 2012-13, this festival used to have around 40,000-50,000 participants. Finally, the official ticketing since 2013 just limited the number of attendees to 20,000.

The small Valencian town, which is home to only 9,000 people, witnesses a remarkable footfall every year in August. And that all has become possible with La Tomatina’s increasing popularity with every passing year. It should be noted here that many La Tomatina-inspired festivals are trying hard to make the name of their own. But nothing could take away anything thing from the spearhead in the case. That’s the reason La Tomatina has featured in several films and pop songs.

What is La Tomatina? Tomato Throwing Festival

Smashing tomatoes to one and another or getting in tomato fight is what La Tomatina is all about. But the question that might have been making to every other mind is from where this idea of fighting actually came from.  To be very honest, nobody actually knows that, there are dozens of perceptions and theories about how it all kicked off.  One of the most popular out of them suggests it was the carnival parade where bystanders pelted tomatoes. And from here on La Tomatina became part of the Spanish culture.

Another popular story associated with the beginning of La Tomatina tells that during a town celebration, the furious townspeople went on attacking the councilmen with tomatoes. Though it was never planned the admiration among masses pushed to make this tomato-smashing thingy happening every year.

La Tomatina 2019 Schedule

This long-running cultural festival has become part of the Spanish culture. And that has made it a party-goers favourite for a reason. So every year those willing to be part of this anticipated festival mark their calendars for the last Wednesday of August. Plus, since 2013, those willing to go the festival get their advance tickets to make it to the festival.

It should be noted here that it’s a one-day event that follows up by activities like fireworks and parades happening in Bunol from past one week.  What many people actually don’t know about this event is once the tomato fight kicks off it lasts for an hour and once this allotted time ends, no one is allowed to throw more tomatoes.

La Tomatina 2019 Tomato Festival Spain

Spain is home to many bizarre festivals that are somehow deep-rooted to their culture. Those who think La Tomatina is the only one in the case need to know about San Fermin festival that is about running of the bulls. Over the years, these unique festivals have become part of the diverse Spanish culture. Talking about La Tomatina, it’s exclusive to Valencian town Bunol without having any ambition expect the entertainment for masses.

The event from which La Tomatina came to birth had the vegetable market and the participants were throwing all sorts of vegetables including the tomatoes. Several years after, this festival stood tall as the only tomato fighting festival.

La Tomatina 2019 Tickets

At first, La Tomatina was open to anyone, but the numbers of attendees rose to 50,000, which were way too much for a small town Bunol. The management finally decided entry to La Tomatina only through tickets. And that worked rightly to limit the number of attendees to 20,000 or so.  The ticket price is affordable to all. At the same time, you can’t overlook the expenditures for transportation and accommodation.

Following that La Tomatina management has initiated packages that include lodging and transportation as well. You can book your tickets or package that suits you most on their official website. As many of the residential options are in Valencia, the participants get a handful of opportunities to travel to Bunol.

La Tomatina 2019 Accommodation

The accommodation part can be tricky especially for the first-timers as Bunol only have several places or hotels for accommodation purpose. In case, you hire a local guide from TripBefore it calls to get as easy as pie for you as the one accompanying you can arrange the accommodation you want, whether in  Valencia or Bunol.  If that offer doesn’t excite you, online booking of accommodation can also be done through the event’s official website.

The La Tomatina management has hotels in Valencia on board, therefore it presents you packages as per your stay. Moreover, the official entry tickets to the event’s site are also included in this package.

La Tomatina After Party

The one-hour event tag for La Tomatina finally got washed away with After Party taking place after the 2011 event. Since then, this La Tomatina after party happens every year after the main event.  It should be noted here that you separately need to buy La Tomatina after party tickets to be part of this enthralling event taking place in Valencia. After buying tickets, what you all have to do is get your dancing shoes on and get ready for partying hard.

The party is also a crowded affair with thousands of party doing crazy moves and getting high with courtesy to the booze.