Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival 2019 – Things You Don’t know about this festival in Ireland

Indeed, Paris is the city of love, but the small town Lisdoonvarna in Ireland can be the place of your lover, or at least you can find your beau there. With all credits to Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival and Ireland’s notable matchmaker Willie Daly, you can head up to the festival if you’re single and ready to mingle. This one of its own kind of festival is considered the biggest matchmaking gathering across the globe. Not to be mistaken this month-long event has various activities to make you dive-in such as speed-dating, club nights, horse-riding, meetups at the club, and much more.

The 40,000+ people galore at the site and some bigwig musicians of the country get them dancing and party hard. So, if you’re fed up of using Tinder and want something more interactive and exotic, this festival has got all the right reasons to be in your must-visit list. The traditional country music just lights up your fervor and party hard with going reckless. The almost 4-week long festival has something for everyone as it even has a dedicated gathering for the LGBTQ+ named ‘The Outing’.

So, if getting hooked up is on your mind and the quest for a beau isn’t over yet, just give a try to this tried and tested matchmaking festival. Once you make up to the festival you’ll adore it as you already do Irish whiskey.

Everything you need to know about Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival 2019

Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival History

This festival is just running down into its 3rd generation as Willie Daly got into helming this festival all the way from his father and grandfather. It’s roughly 160-years of Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival and with every change of calendar; it’s roping into the limelight by leaps and bounds. The resident match-maker and organizer of this festival, Willie is a match-maker by profession and that too for the last 50 years. What else proves him worthy is his track record of setting up 3,000 marriages – making him the best matchmaker in Ireland.

The ultimate aim of kicking off this festival was to provide a chance for shy farmers to get their ladylove as they lack social skills. What’s more to the story is Willie owns a book to whom he calls a ‘Love-ledger’ and once you touch that you’ll get married within the six months. In case you’re just curious to know this book isn’t superficial as it’s a notebook about love-seeking profiles. The flag bearer of this festival believes in courtship and with 21 century going on he believes, even the parents visit this festival while searching for a bride or groom for their children.

Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival Events

Though the name of the festival asserts on matchmaking, still that isn’t merely what this festival is all about. It is getting popular for some bringing some super cool events that can kill your boredom and make your personality stand out as well. The spa-day remains one major highlight of the festival that has Lisdoonvarna, a spa town as a venue.

And if you’re eyeing to settle your thrust as music-enthusiast, this festival won’t choke surprising you as it always includes some of the bigwig names of the country, who bring the traditional music to make you tap your feet for all day. Just to surprise you this festival organizes horse racing as well and apart from that several other competitions take place and the winner goes in with the tag ‘most eligible man/women. The meetups at the club are yet another lucrative offer that pushes you to become part of this event. The formal conversations can go ahead informal and you might end up having one great dance partner for the music events marked on the schedule.

The speed-dating is also on the cards, it’s just up to you how you woo other people around. The point is with even staying non-pushy you can go on having some best moments of your life.  The club nights are an ideal outing for those who want to groove on the dance beat and booze as well.


Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival Tickets

You unlock endless fun and entertainment once you buy this matchmaking festival’s tickets. Some talented musical lads of the country are right there to show you the truest spirits of the music. In this edition stars like DJ Anil and Imperial make people groove on their crazy beats. They usually perform on weekends as it’s the time when it’s jam-packed and people from far-flung areas partake to finally change their marital status from ‘single’ to ‘committed’.


Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival Accommodation

The accommodation can be a tricky thing for you as Lisdoonvarna is a small town, home to a few hundred people. So, to a lavish space is something really hard. Therefore, many of the visitors end up having space in Doolin village, which is just several miles away from the happening event.