Beach Essentials

List of Beach Essentials you can count on for this weekend trip

Going to the beach is always fun but bringing back sand with clothes and bags home for years isn’t a fair call. Same goes for missing out on things when you’re there on the beach all set to have fun on the weekend. The situation of forgetting beach essentials would have happened with every other traveler and one could do very little about it rather than setting up a beach packing list and checking it to and froth.

Still with so much of hurdles an avid traveler can proudly say beach vacations are the best one without a second thought. If that’s all organized perfectly and executed as per the decided plan beach getaways are unforgettable for all the good reasons. And if that’s your bad day and you miss out your beach essentials too, God forbid nothing can get you out of the lurches.

Once can’t negate the fact that packing for beach vacations can be tricky as you have to bring those wet items back home as well with avoiding the sand in the first place. The ultimate saviour from all that disgrace is a beach packing list, and here we have comprised a list of the beach essentials as well to get you rid of the long-strangling question ‘ what to take to the beach’.


You can categorize your Beach Essentials into the following categories


Sun Protection

*Sunglasses, Lip Balm, Sunblock, brim hat

You and your safety come first so be very prepared to spend a few hours or day under the sun and that too on the reef. Even if you’re a frequent visitor to beaches and feel like things like brim hat, sunglasses, lip balm and the most important out of all sunblock are extras, you need to rethink. For us, these items are unmissable as while having fun you can’t put your health/safety on stake.

It should be noted here that instead of coral damaging sunscreen you can opt the reef-safe sunscreens as even with no plan people around on beach can inspire you to get the sunbath. And with having all those unmissable items you can go care-free without thinking way too much about that.


Beach Dress

*T-shirts, sleeveless, shorts, sports bra, athletic shoes, flip-flops

Packing up for clothes usually depends on the plan that it’s just a one-day outing or you’re there to stay for days. But as it is always said pack lightly so you don’t have a backache or consume a lot of your force just to pull your luggage. One thing is for sure you gotta carry casual shirts and plenty of shorts with you. Missing out on water shoes won’t be a wise move as your leather shoes can’t bear that much of water and sand together.

T-shirts, sleeveless, sports bra and underwear could be the handy option as you’re not heading to the beach to take a nap, you’ve to run, swim, walk, party and whatnot. So, take the clothes that make you feel relaxed and not others to look at you like they are surrounded by an alien. As once the wise man said ‘When in Rome do as the Romans do’, so you dress up and carry the stuff like all the respected traveler take onto beaches. Just adding a point here, athletic shoes should also be there to help you run without sinking your feet every other time you take a step.

Beach Gear

Beach Accessories

*Beach Umbrella, Life Jackets, Beach Sports Equipment, Waterproof phone case

In case you’ve been there to beaches for a while, you’d very much understand the need for beach gears as they are life-saving and ease you in multiple tasks around as well. The beach gear for us includes beach umbrella, floating/life jackets, beach sports equipment, and snorkel gear as well. At the same time, you can’t forget to carry a waterproof phone case along with you as even if you’ve some latest tending phone it’s water-resistant not the waterproof.

Just to make sure you don’t lag with anything that could spoil your mood, take your beach chairs, towels and moisturizers along as well. Make sure the bags, chairs, and blankets you carry are sand-free so you just don’t get that irritation afterwards bringing them back home. Moreover, if you’re into snorkelling stuff we strictly advise to take your own snorkel gear rather than renting from the beach.



*Toothbrush, Comb, Moisturizer, Hand sanitizer, Disposable wipes, Travel First Aid Kit

If you’re to stay overnight or want to come back within hours, you aren’t supposed to make any compromise on the toiletries as they carry small space in your luggage but can save you from tons of unforgettable moments. For us, toiletries should be there on the top priority of your list of what to take to the beach. They just don’t cover the hygiene factor but also stand one extra mile to care for your health and looks.

In case you’re just pondering to know what should your travel first aid kit include? Make sure you’ve sterile dressings, antiseptic and painkillers with you even if the beach is just a few miles away from your place.

Travel Essentials


*Water Bottle, NIC/Passport/Visa, Credit/Debit Cards, Emergency Contacts, Power bank, Travel Pillow

In case you think we’ve missed the mobile phone on the list, it’s not a travel essential it’s something must for living. Jokes apart, while travelling you should keep all the necessary documents along with you every time. And don’t forget to take enough cash with you or in case you rely on the plastic money, keep your credit/debit cards along.

Keeping your books or Kindle along with you while traveling is a masterstroke and it will even get better while you do this reading thingy while having a sunbath on your favorite beach. For sure having a pillow along will work as a plus.