Midnight Sun Film Festival 2019: Tickets, Travel and Accommodation

If grooving on crazy beats and putting your dancing shoes on isn’t your match, the Midnight Sun Film Festival is there for you. One of its own kind film festivals, MS Film festival is home to the village of Sodankyla in Finnish Lapland. Happening since 1986 without any hiatus, this festival was an endeavor pulled off by Sodankyla Municipality and Kaurismaki brothers. Long story short, the annual film festival happening ever since its inception, is a perfect treat for moviegoers’ out there.

This film festival brings veteran’s films to the screen and provides the stage to the prodigies to showcase their talent as well. The non-stop screening for 5-days (24 hours constantly) includes the evergreen masterpieces, contemporary films, premiers, and dedicatedly Finnish films as well. The silent film concerts are yet another major highlight of this auspicious event. The big names from the entertainment world too garner the event with their presence and so the inhabitants enjoy it to the core. At the same time, film-enthusiasts across the globe also make it to this unique festival in Finnish Lapland.


Midnight Sun Arctic

Rather than the embellished stage or that extravagant lightning work done to make the festival a success; this film festival is all about nature. Happening over 120 kilometers away from the Arctic Circle in village Sodankyla, the matchless location of this festival is an added feature. Not negating the superb films from across the globe getting screened at the festival, the never happening sunset makes this festival more conspicuous. Yes, you heard it right, the night-less night adds more to aesthetics and gives attendees an entirely different experience.

It should be noted here that the location is famous for not witnessing sunset in the summer. And that is something from where the idea behind the festival and its name came from. The sunshine’s exactly the same as it’s at 4 am or 4 pm, giving no idea about the time in the first place.


Midnight Sun 2019

Midnight Sun Arctic

This years’ festival has yet again salient features on offer in shape of the karaoke screening, which will be an ultimate delight for the music-lovers out there. Plus, the silent film concerts will be another stand out the reason for this years’ outing. It will be pertinent to mention here that Midnight Sun Film Festival Audience will this year see British Pianist Stephen Horne presenting two of the silent films.

As the MS festival bandwagon is growing by leaps and bounds, one can see some notable additions this year also. Sweden’s brightest actor/director Pernilla August will be there to showcase her talent. Moreover, other big names of the entertainment world include auteur Arnaud Desplechin from France, legend contemporary director from France Fernando Meirelles and many others.



Midnight Sun Film Festival 34th Edition

This year’s Midnight Sun Film Festival will mark its 34th edition; going live since 1986. The venue has been the same throughout as it is an ideal location to know about the spirit of Sodankyla. And also witness the night-less nights in Lapland religion.  The 24-hours nonstop videos on play at the 4-venues is totally a never like before experience for the first-timers at this festival. The popularity is on increase since last several years and that has soared the numbers of attendees. A close insight into the number tells that in between 15,000-25,000 people every year make a visit to this festival.  Over the years this event has also brought some bigwigs on board like Terry Gilliam, Roger Corman, Jim Jarmusch, Abbas Kiarostami, and many others.


Midnight Sun Film Festival Tickets

Midnight Sun Film Festival 2019

The Midnight Sun Film Festival Management has taken a bold step this year by introducing the e-ticketing sales system. This initiative aims to make it all hassle-free for the attendees as the numbers have been increasing since last several years.  Following that, those who want to reserve their tickets in advance can do so from 3rd June onwards. Not to forget, there are limited numbers of tickets upon for presale. Once you’ve reserved your tickets, you can collect them from ticket collecting booths until 9PM. The pro-tip in this regard is getting your reserved tickets one hour prior to the reserved screening.

The 8 ticket booths established in schoolyard area let you book your tickets for any of the 4 venues and that too from one ticket office. The quick ticket booths are also established that help you get a hand on the next screening right away. Moreover, you can buy tickets through debit/credit cards and also with cash as well. In case, if you’re the one who wants to buy tickets during the festival, you can do that until last screening every day, right from 9 AM.

Talking about the ticket prices at Midnight Sun Film Festival 2019, a single ticket will cost you 9 € and if you prefer opting 12-ticket package it costs around 90 €. It should be noted here that the ticket prices for Friday and Saturday’s Silent Films aren’t yet confirmed.


Midnight Sun Film Festival Travel

This film festival is in the headlines for all the right reasons, and that’s what compels foreigners to be part of this exciting moment.  Being a first-timer at this event or Finland can be bit quirky. So, to get it all done in a righteous manner, you can search for a local at TripBefore, who can not only guide you regarding the trip but also accompany you as well.

With Lapland’s local on your side, travelling can be made the way easier. And even if you aren’t open to this, you have plenty of other travelling options other than your personal conveyance. The train can take you Lapland capital Rovaniemi , and you can reach the site at Sodankylä for just two hours on the bus. Apart from that festival buses can also take you to the festival from Luosto.

Midnight Sun Film Festival Accommodation

There is nothing like onsite camping or having your personal tents somewhere. In order to have accommodation, you’ve plenty of hotel options, which are even recommended by festivals’ management as well.  The hotel on board for the accommodation and lodging purpose during the festival by film festival management includes LAPLAND HOTELS LUOSTOTUNTURI, SANTA’S HOTEL AURORA, TATAMI LODGING FOR LADIES, and many others. These packages include lavish accommodation and those with basic bedding and sanitary facilities as well.

Moreover, you can arrange accommodation on your own as plenty of locals even provide room on rental; giving the visitors home-like feeling. Your Customized deal with TripBefore Local can also get your desired lodging and accommodation space and that too without making you bankrupt.