Pattaya Nightlife and Attractions That Will Push You to Book Flight Right Away

A night in Pattaya will always be a night to remember. Irrespective of your preferences, Pattaya has something for everyone. Whether you want spots for enjoying traditional music and dance, or you want something modern to suit your western palates, Pattaya has it all. Not a problem if you want a massage with happy endings, or all you care about is to get a girlfriend for a couple of hours a night. Just take time to consider your options, and to help you out, here is a brief look at some of the Pattaya nightlife and attractions that will literally push you to book a flight right away.

List of Pattaya Nightlife and Attractions

Party at Walking Street

Walking Street Pattaya

Walking Street in Pattaya has been termed as the wildest street in the entire Asian continent, and a sample of Pattaya nightlife and attractions will never be complete without a visit to this famous street. At day time, it looks like any other street, with shops and stores selling their wares. But at night, it becomes flooded in every type of neon light you can imagine, with music blaring from the plethora of bars, restaurants and massage parlors in the area. Whether you are interested in just ordinary entertainment, or you want to have a massage with a happy ending, this is the best place to get it in Pattaya.

Attend foam parties at Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café in Pattaya

If you think you are wild in spirit and also wild at heart, then another Pattaya nightlife and attraction you should consider is the foam parties at Hard Rock Café located on the beach road. At this spot, there is a massive pool that is pumped with foam every Saturday and guys, as well as bikini ladies party all night long. The sound, the fan, and the energy is nothing but epic.

Enjoy yourself at the Lita Bar

Lita Bar, Pattaya

Lita Bar is located on Soi 13/2 and in this place, you will find stunning ladyboys who will leave no stone unturned in giving you the performance of a lifetime. What you will love about this specific Pattaya nightlife and attraction is the fact that you will enjoy epic entertainment from Thailand’s much-respected gender at a very affordable rate. The shows feature themed performances with the ladyboys wearing glittering costumes with funny headgears and make such gracious movements that you will never get tired from watching them.

Visit the Alangkarn Theater

Alangkarn Theater, Pattaya

If you are into cultural stuff and you want to sample some of the few social pleasantries that Pattaya has for her guests, then one of the Pattaya nightlife and attractions you should consider checking out is the cultural shows at Alangkarn Theater. In this theater, you will increase your knowledge when it comes to Thailand’s history, traditions and cultures during the daily two hour-long shows. You will also enjoy the splendid stage sets as well as the performances by the cheerful actors dressed in beautiful costumes.


Visit Horizon Rooftop Bar for dinner

Horizon Rooftop Bar in Pattaya

How about dining in some of the most elegant hotels with sea views in Pattaya. Well, if you traveled with your loved one and you are looking for a Pattaya nightlife and attractions ideal for romance, then try going for a dinner at the Horizon Rooftop Bar. The ambiance at night is like no other, and the views will be the most beautiful things you have ever seen in your life.

There are many things you can do when you consider Pattaya nightlife and attractions. The above is just but a brief of some of the top considerations you should check out before you try any other.