Black leather shoulder holster bag




ery comfortable body wallet to carry your utilities. You can carry everything you need during business travel, riding your motorcycle, going for hunting, night out and other activities. Feel safe during your travel, because this holster bag is anti-theft and keeps your belongings safe.

This leather handmade shoulder holster vest with adjustable leather stripes, designed by special forces officer, is a perfect choise for a person who is looking for ergonimic and comfortable stuff carrying. The bags are designed to fit all needed men stuff like: wallet, passport, cell phone, sunglasses, ID card, license card, credit card and etc. All stuff fits in 10 very secure anti – theft pockets.

The stripes of the bag are fully adjustable, therefore it fits most sizes. To adjust you will need only a screwdriver and several minutes: free up the screws and adjust, so easy!

Well suitable for different occasions. Classic design of the handmage holster bag allows you to use this bag on formal occasions and to wear it under your jacket and coat invisibly. It is also suitable for casual occasions and looks like really cool fashionable apparel accessory. The bag is designed to protect your belongings during working, travel, business trip, riding your motorcycle, hunting and other activities.

Our holster bag contains 10 pockets in total:
-2 pockets are designed for wallet and/or passport,
-4 pockets for the size of iPhone6 or sunglasses,
-4 small for ID card, driver license, credit card and etc.

ATTENTION: Product can leave small parts of Leather and Textile. Avoid contact with water/moisture.
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