Resorts to Book in Antalya to Explore Night Life

Antalya is a great tourist destination, and like most tourists, you will desire to experience what the nightlife is in this ancient Turkish city. If you want to get the most of the Antalya nightlife, it is imperative that you be very careful with your selection of the resorts you will be booking for your accommodation. Resort options in Antalya are in their superfluity, but this is not a guarantee that all of them will give you the real picture of what the nightlife is. To help you out, here are our recommendations for the best resorts to book in Antalya if you want to live and experience the night life.

Akra Hotel

Akra Hotel is a 5-star establishment located right on the seafront and it one of the best resorts to book in Antalya if you want to get the most of the city’s nightlife. It has rooms with balconies that offers direct views of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, and you will find every amenity of luxury and comfort you may wish to have for the perfect stay.

Its proximity to the city center ensures very lively nights with revelers from all walks of life joining each other to enjoy love and life. Whether you are a solo traveler in need of a vibrant place to spend the night, or you are a couple looking forward to experiencing what Turkey has to offer at night, you will be very pleased to book Akra as one of the top resorts to book in Antalya to explore the nightlife.

Porto Bello Hotel Resort and Spa

If you want another nerve for nightlife in Antalya, then you have every reason to consider Porto Bello Hotel Resort and Spa as the top resorts to book in Antalya if you want to explore the nightlife in a magical way. In this world-class resort, you will be brushing shoulders with the top entertainment icons in the world, and you are bound to enjoy every second you spend in the facility.

As far as the nightlife goes, Porto Bello has the ambiance, music, and characters to make you get the most of the nightlife in Turkey. However, you may want to make your booking early since being one of the top resorts to book in Antalya to explore the nightlife, the rooms are always in demand.

Ramada Plaza Antalya

The location of Ramada Plaza Antalya makes it ideal not just for exploring the nightlife in the city, but having the perfect holiday in Turkey. It is conveniently located right on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea, thus guaranteeing you some of the best views you will ever have in your life. Being a popular resort and in proximity to a myriad of ancient attractions, the hotel is always a beehive of activities, and the nightlife will never fall short of being epic.

With the city center just a few minutes’ drive, you can always sample what the city center has to offer then rush back to enjoy the night entertainment program by the hotel. It is an ideal resort to book in Antalya if all you care about is perfect relaxation and having peaceful, but eventful nights.


If you want to experience the best of the nightlife in Antalya, then you should know that most of the resorts are self-contained in the sense that they have their own entertainment shows every night. Besides, this region is known to be frequented with the oldies who may have very different preferences from the younger generations. The nightlife experience will be good, but it will be nothing compared to when you voided the resorts to boon in Antalya and instead went for options within the city center.