Rio Carnival 2020 Schedule, Tickets, Costumes and Samba Parade Details

Rio de Janeiro is known for the natural setting it possesses especially the sexy beaches such as Leblon and Barra da Tijuca. What works as an icing on the cake here is the nightlife of Brazilian capital, which comes with street festivals going around the year.  The drumming bands, grooving on crazy beats and getting clad in ecstatic costumes is Rio Carnival is all about. If you’ve ever been a party guy in some capacity, you’d actually know this one is the biggest carnival across the world and the most eye-catching out of 300 of them happening in Rio every year.

Rio Carnival has stood tall as the crowd puller among dozens of other carnivals, and that makes it good enough to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the globe. The major highlights of this festival are Carnival Balls and Samba Parade. The gold and glitzy sort of attires of the drum beaters and those of the performers add more to the aesthetics of the carnival that stays in the limelight for all the good reasons.

Rio Festival Costumes & Tickets

Rio Carnival History

The ancient Greek and Romans initiated this festival back in the 1640s as a gesture of thanking the Greek Wine Gods and the spring rites. It all got inspired from Portuguese festival named ‘Entrudo’ and then with Africans influencing it added Samba music in it back in 1917. Over the years it went on changing and changing, and now it leads the rest as the Rio Carnival. The Afro-Brazilian too this festival to another level with creating an aura that attracts party guys from around the globe.


Rio Festival 2020

The party in Rio is just getting bigger and better with every passing year and for that purpose, credit goes to the positive word of mouth and the arrangements done by the management.  Even with two million footfalls every year during the Rio carnival, no untoward incident has been reported until the date.  With the chant ‘O maior show da Terra’ translated to English from Portuguese as ‘the biggest show on Earth’, this street carnival is held at Sambadrome and Copacabana beach and palace every year. You may miss out on the lavish and exquisite atmosphere of the event, but the way it brings the street life into practice is something great. The street brands and the high pomp and show make this celebration one to be remembered for ages.

Rio Carnival Tickets

The number of attendees grew up over the years and that’s when the local government put an entry ticket in 1984. This made it more organized yet entertaining but the numbers game still kept on the rise as everyone seems to be part of the Sambadrome parade no matter what. The prices of tickets vary from the sector they are located in and the sector as well.

  • Grandstand
  • Sector 9
  • Frisas
  • Camarotes


Grandstands are open to the general public and tickets are given on the first come, first serve basis. These stands comprise most of the area at the carnival as they are available on either side of the parade and that too for the masses.

Sector 9 is the space designated as the tourist sector; it somehow works the same as Grandstands, with the only difference they have the assigned seats for the attendees.

Samba runway is the sight not many want to miss and with getting the ticket for Frisas you fancy your chances to have open box seats along with the samba runway.

Camarotes are the luxury suites one could ever ask for situated in between the grandstands and frisas. The sight from here is the best one for sure and it is backed with various facilities which make it the ideal sitting plan at the carnival.


Rio Carnival Dates

This one is a religious and a cultural festival too, which happens every year 51 days prior to Easter and ends 46 days before Easter. The upcoming carnival will be taking place from February 21 to February 26. The parade is divided as preliminary parade, main parade and the champions’ parade. It all kicks off with the preliminary parade and finally come to an end at champions’ parade. The latter brings the best Samba schools in the action and that is what makes it an unmissable event.


Rio Carnival Costumes

This festival is about the parade, open-air performances, music and last but not the least those extravagant costumes.  The drum beater king and queens have certain kind of embellishment on their costumes and same goes for the performers which make them conspicuous among masses. The carnival parade teams have different attires and that stands out as a complete show stellar right from the go.


Rio de Janeiro Hotels

Accommodation for Rio Carnival can be tricky at times as might miss the slot if you’re eying to book one at the very last moment. The best hotels in Rio de Janeiro during carnival season are those situated in South River area and to make sure you get the accommodation there during the festive season, it would be better to reserve the room in advance at least a month or so.

On the other hand, TripBefore has dozens of locals for you to get the trip of your life done along with them. The local you’ll opt will accompany you during the Rio carnival and can arrange the accommodation of your choice as well.


Carnival Balls at Rio Festival

It brings the six carnivals balls in action, which is taken as the second biggest ball festival after the Gay Gala.  At first, Carnival Ball was nothing more than a pagan celebration but it went under the Afro-Brazilian influence. And here it is what it is, the party that has non-stop dance and fun.