Soothe Your Soul By Doing 10 Leisure Activities At Bruges

A city of lovers, Bruges is a small but most enchanting Belgium’s city which is packed with a lot of worth seeing places, historical landmarks and activities to do. This is one of Europe’s most visited city which is filled with baroque and gothic monuments, gorgeous architecture, lively squares and peaceful destinations with swans leisurely floating down the canals. So, If you are planning your trip to Bruges then you will not get bored here for sure as it has plenty of activities to offer you. The following Trip Before’s guide will try to showcase a mix of activities to do in Bruges, including the main magical sites as well as some top attractions.


10 Activities to do in Bruges



       1.Chill Out At The Lake Of Love-Minnewater


Present in downtown Bruges, Minnewater lake, is the best place for the nature lover whose name comes from a woman named Minna. This green public space is home to a beautiful tree and a pretty castle. While arriving at the city by train you will pass by the Minnewater Lake which is perhaps the beautiful entrance to Belgium. Don’t forget to bring an appetite to gorge on waffles or admire the river perspectives while visiting Bruges.


       2.Marvel At Ice Sculpture Festival


If you are visiting a Bruges in winter season when the small canals are frozen and houses are covered with snow then attending this festival is the number one activity that you can do. In this, annually held festival artists from different countries gather to create a sculpture with just water and ice that illuminate with lighting to create a fantasy world that attracts millions of visitors from all around the world.


  1. Explore Goreining Museum


Don’t need to be worried if it is raining outside because there are a number of incredible museums in the city which you can visit on a rainy day as they are covered, for instance, Groeningemuseum which has a wide collection of works by renowned artists including Hans Memling, and the Jan van Eyck. So pay a visit to this museum to admire the religiously inspired story of the paintings and to appreciate vivid colors and to marvel at the facial expressions of the figures and paintings.


  1.  Take Canal Boat Tour


Burges is the Venice of the North so the best way to explore this city is by a canal boat ride as lush little gardens and overhanging willow trees just above the old bridges and waterline give visitors the impressions to be admired. Moreover, around the city, there are five landing stages. However, these tours run from March to November and the duration is 30 minutes. So while visiting the Bruges don’t forget to take a canal boat tour that brings travelers close to some magical sites of the city and offers an entirely different perspective of the city’s historic center.


  1. Attend Free Harp Concert


Want to relax? Then attend free harp concert by Flemish musician Luc Vanlaere, to listen to music which has the power of healing. The concert used to take place next to the Sint-Janshospitaal where the musician used to play a mixture of instruments ranging from some traditional harps to his own creation of the electric instrument. With each session lasting 40 minutes, the free harp concerts take place from Tuesday to Saturday at 6:30 pm, 3 pm, and 5 pm.


  1. Stroll Through The Old Town


A UNESCO World Heritage Site that houses some beautiful buildings, best eateries and local cuisine to make Bruges a worth visiting site. As Bruges is encircled by a canal, so you can also hire a bike to get around the Old town and to take great perspectives of the city.


  1. Step Into The Torture Museum


If you are tired of drinking beer and gazing up at the architectural spot then head to the torture Museum to experience something new. The museum is located in the oldest prisons in Europe, and it is a perfect depiction of the origin of the torture. This museum has a collection of more than a hundred executions and torture devices from centuries gone by. Moreover, the museum remains open from 10.30 AM until 18.30 PM every day.


  1. Eat Delicious French Fries With Mayonnaise


Your visit to the Bruges would be incomplete without eating its famous dish french fries with mayo which has made everyone confused and put them in a long debate as well to know whether it was the Belgians or the French who invented the French fries, however in some parts it is claimed that Belgians are inventors of French fries. In Burges, you will find a different stall serving French fries with mayo so don’t avoid this dish.


  1. Peer Into The St-Salvatorskathedraal 


One of the oldest and main churches in the city, St-Salvators-Kathedraal is located along one of Bruges’ main shopping streets and costs nothing to step inside. Whether you are a Christian or not, you can visit this church just to appreciate the artwork of flemish and to marvel at the gothic architecture.


  1. Fill Yourself With Food at the Burges Main Market


A place full of history that covers an area of about 1 hectare, the main market square is the beating heart of Burges and the great meeting point, that houses craft fairs, summer fates and medieval festivals all round the year. However, you can also take a horse ride here to enjoy a great perspective of the city and can pop into At Tattie’s as well to taste the crispiest waffles.


However, the list doesn’t end here that is just a little taste of Belgium’s city, Burges as there are plenty of other activities and a lot of other attractions to discover while visiting Burges. So plan your trip to Burges now to have some escape from daily routine and to uncover the hidden gems of the city. Have a safe journey!