The Age of Smartphone & Social Media and Urge to Travel around the World

Things are changing at a rapid pace and fortunately or unfortunately you can blame the age of the smartphone and social media for that.  The journey from last decade or so has evolved the phones into smartphones and as people are relying way too much on it, the term ‘smart tourism’ is for real. The aforementioned term has come into being with the courtesy of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in order to back the tourism.

But the thing is apart from making a noticeable impact on macro-level what it means to own a smartphone and use social media for an individual who is an avid traveler as well in some capacity. A smartphone in hand is as powerful as a pen in hand, but at the same time, it can be even worse as having a suicide bomb in your hand. Yeah, a bit of the exaggeration, still you can’t deny over the ages technology that came out as a sigh of relief backfired badly.

Have you ever thought how deeply we are stuck with this smartphone and then the social media thingy?  The number of social media users have soared up to 2.82 Billion in 2019 that means around 35% of the world population is up on social. In case you’re curious to know the world population is over 7.5 Billion Human Being at the time of writing.

What triggered this social media user and usage is the popularity of smartphone and you gotta thank for the cheap cost and then cheaper call/data packages for that as well.  A well-known face in the world of sociology professor Marie Gillespie believes ‘water, smartphone, and food’ are the essentials which a refugee takes along while fleeing from home in unexpected circumstances.

In case you just look at the hierarchy-order its smartphone right after water and the food is there next to follow. So, it won’t be wrong to say even for refugees smartphone is way important than the food. No different is the story of a traveler as smartphone assures the multitude of apps and features on the go. And the standout thing it comes on with is social media.


Smartphone for a traveler

smartphone for traveler


It’s 100% entertainment to own a smartphone and kill your time as well. But it turns chaotic at times when you’re out with buds and went on capturing the moments to share on Insta-Snapchat rather than living it in the current moment.  But rather than amusement there’s very much a smartphone can do for you especially when you’re a traveler.

  • Communication
  • Translation
  • Information
  • Navigation


Communication: Have you ever heard the phrase ‘communication is the key’, this pocket-sized gadget aka smartphone has utterly acted upon it. The communication is like a click away from you regardless of the distances.  The frosting on the cake is the popularity of social media websites that have just taken communication to another level. Believe us; poking someone on Facebook is also the mainstream mode of communication.

Translation: The language gap can be tricky and a decider when you’re communicating with someone good in his/her own skin and not in the mood to compromise over the first language. In this meantime, Google Translator or some other app can be your ultimate saviour. In short, it’ll get you over the line when you’re in China or any other place around the globe.


Information:  Once a wise man said, “All information is good even when it is bad”. So, it won’t be wrong to say that information is something you need to keep in check even while on move.  The news is only one type of information that up next have dozens of categories to add to your facts and keep you aware of the happenings around.

Navigation: Not really sure how many of the travelers keep compasses with them even nowadays as the smartphone has changed around everything for you. The Google Maps or some other up can get you out of the lurches when you get yourself stuck in Safari, and don’t actually know the way out.  They can either work as your compass or moreover give you the right directions to your destination.

The question is what possibility social media can make and how powerful it actually is?


Power of social media

Simply you can’t gauge this one, social media groups and specifically those on Facebook are a massive source of information. In short, these groups cut off the cultural and regional differences and allow enough space for people to express them. At the same time, when it comes to getting the information prior to travelling some social media groups can get everything done for you.

Not a jest, these groups pamper you with ultimate solutions to your troubles.  Apart from that the internet has been a crazy place if you’re a traveler and eying to customize your trips and itinerary. It seems like a traveler wishes to have never like before experience every other day. To make sure that happens every other day TripBefore is one game-changing initiative.

In case you aren’t aware what blessing TripBefore is for the travelers – this portal backspaces the distance between local and a traveler that has been there for years for some reason.  Using TripBefore you can hire a local of the place city you’re going to visit and then plan the journey along with him. Of course, he/she will be right there accompanying you in the journey.