Things to do in Cancun this weekend | Activities, Attractions and Excursions

Cancun is an intriguing city with white sand beaches and an area that is biodiverse and incredibly wealthy in history and culture. With mysterious remnants that take you back in time and thrilling activities, there are several things to do in Cancun. So if you are planning your trip to this beautiful destination then must check Trip Before’s guide to explore stunning Cancun attractions, activities, and excursions.

Here is an ultimate bucket list of things to do in Cancun

Discover the best hotel in Cancun’s Hotel Zone

Hotel Zone Cancuns

A 15-mile portion of sand formed like the number 7, Hotel Zone is one of the most famous tourist attractions with a wild nightlife, resorts, catamarans, and beaches. So if you are wondering what to do in Cancun then do visit this area to explore a ton of hotels, vibrant nightlife, restaurants, and bars.


Do scuba diving at MUSA

scuba diving in cancun

An underwater museum among Isla Mujeres and Cancun where you will find over five hundred sculptures that are designed by six artists and introduced to renew the living space of tropical marine life and to support the development of coral. Cancun Underwater Museum is the main gallery that you can visit wearing just a swimming outfit. So if you want to explore it then scuba diving is the most ideal approach to investigate as it is 28 feet down.


Attend Temazcal Ceremony

Join Temazcal Ceremony

Looking for activities to do in Cancun? Then must attend this conventional Mayan ceremony for the purification of your body, mind, and soul. You know what! It is the main Indian ceremony which has been rehearsed up to our days. The function is driven by a local shaman, who leads the custom and deals with members. This ceremony happens in complete haziness, as the shaman pours water over the hot rocks, reciting and utilizing various herbs to gather spirits.


Ziplining in Selvatica

Ziplining in cancun

One of the hallmark activities to do in Cancun so don’t forget to do this while visiting Cancun even if you are acrophobic. Selvatica is the best theme park where you can enjoy this adventure as it provides several packages with ten different zip lines.


Visit UNESCO world heritage site

Pyramid of chichen itaza

An archeological site and one of the most renowned Cancun attractions located 2.5 hours away from it, Chichen Itza is all around safeguarded so you can get a look at how the old Maya individuals lived. The most noteworthy structure of the city is the 98-foot tall pyramid Temple Of Kukulkan which is covered by the nine porches that symbolize the faith in paradise with nine levels. One interesting fact about this place is that throughout the Spring and Autumn Equinox, the sun rays make a shadow over the Kukulkan Pyramid that gives the presence of a snake crawling down the staircase.


Go shopping at Market 28

Mercado 28

The largest souvenir market in Cancun Centro is Mercado 28 with a few atmospheric outdoor restaurants and some kiosks selling sharply discounted bus tours.

If you love shopping then you must visit this huge flea market in Downtown having 600 restaurants and vendors where you can buy handicrafts, leather goods, blankets, and maracas  and can also taste good food at different restaurants present there. Shopkeepers can be somewhat pushy, however, it’s all in the game, so be set up to bargain and you can leave with some incredible purchases.


Take a picture with The Cancun Sign


Cancun is a paradise on earth and a perfect place for spending vacations. It is a little island in the Mexican but still brimming with fun and fervor for the vacationers. It offers various hotels, bars, restaurants, shopping malls and one of the most wonderful shorelines on earth.10 years back It was a little piece of sand however transformed into a paradise of sightseers in this century.

While visiting Cancun, one of the most touristy things you can do is to get a photograph with the vivid Cancun sign.


Day Trip to Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres Island

Day trip to Isla Mujeres is one of the best Cancun excursions which you can take while visiting Cancun. It is major Cancun attractions that offer stunning views of the gorgeous bay and rocky coast. Here you can also see the sun rising and crazy nightlife. 

While visiting this place don’t forget to watch conversation center and sea turtles hatching at the local turtle farm. In addition to this, you can also visit Ixchel temple, drive around the island in a rented golf-cart,  check out Garrafon Reef Park and can also enjoy snorkeling and kayaking.


Take amazing views of Cancun from Cancun Scenic Tower

View from Scenic Tower

Take a stunning perspective of Cancun itself and Caribbean coast from Cancun Scenic Tower which remains open from 9 am – 9 pm every day. During the visit they give a short history, geography and statistics of Cancun and the points to be seen around the Tower.


Watch A Lucha Libre Show

Cancun arena wrestling

This event takes place every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday night at Arena Cancun. Lucha Libre is an extraordinary Mexican cultural experience in Cancun where two contenders, the great and awful utilize a blend of theatrical maneuvers, acrobatics and wrestling to win. Warriors wear veils and are once in a while joined by little-individuals and drag-rulers. Each quarrel keeps going over three rounds and ends when someone has thrown outside the ring.


Taste Tequila


Enjoy the old tradition of tasting Tequila which is considered as an art in Mexico and people take it very seriously. Moreover, visit The Restaurante La Destileria which has a tequila exhibition hall that gives guests a chance to find out about the starting points of tequila and gives some knowledge of the refining procedure. And at the end of the tour, they offer Tequila to taste. Hacienda Sisal is another eatery that offers a variety of tequila.


Go ATVing

Atv in cancun

Xplor is an extraordinary spot to go ATVing where ATV track is incorporated with their park passage pricing. A lot of various organizations offer ATV activities in Cancun, the vast majority of which take you through the jungle and getting you closer to nature.