Things you should never spend money buying on Airport

You can’t stop shoppers from buying anything even if you stay at someplace for a while. This is something makes them the savviest of the shopping-enthusiasts. How come if a shopper is a traveler too that’s one lethal combo as the collection goes on and on over the years. That means whenever you’re on the airport, you end up buying some stuff as you can’t deny the boards reading ‘Duty Free’, ‘20%Off’, and ‘Deals’.

But we have got a point with curating a list of things or goods you should never buy at the airport. In case you’ve got a question what makes these products not a good-buy; here we go:


Duty-Free Merchandise

Indeed, these are the products that are exempted from local taxes and duties. Still, you need to fill your cart wisely. If it’s something like cigarettes and you hail from a place that faces a hefty amount of tobacco taxes, filling your cart with it will be a masterstroke for sure. But if you go ahead purchasing electric equipment, beauty products and other luxury items from the airport, that won’t save much on your pocket. Instead, it will cost you more than what it would take buying online or from your local market.



Even a nomad is on work or better to call it traveling, one can’t spend that long away from the gadget. The internet/Wi-Fi is some sort of essential you buy once you get to your destination. And the very first-stop to buy it in the shop is within premises of the airport (as you direly need that).  But we’d recommend not to but that from airport as the sellers believe once you go exit you’re a captive audience, not returning back. And with all respons9ibility, people find the Wi-Fi they buy they buy from airports are slow at first and then end up getting non-workable. So, the point is no matter how much that Wi-Fi is fairly priced, just don’t buy up from there.


Restaurant Meal and Food

You just pack your bag and come ready to fly all the way to the destination. Is there a point of eating the food right there before? Of course no; many of the travelers order different meals or go ahead munching snacks as they are up to killing time. Not to forget, there’s always a half-hour cushion once you make it to the airport. Even the meal your order from your favorite franchise is very much overpriced as they are up with the point they pay more in the name of maintenance cost here.



We all know being a traveler you never want to end up your memories at any cost. Therefore, you buy souvenirs for your collection. But what we feel is doing so isn’t that much pocket-friendly as the souvenirs on air-port of substandard quality and once you buy them during transit, be very prepared to pay extra cost for that. Once you reach your destination, you can buy it right from there and get it rightly packed in your luggage as well. It isn’t something you should buy at last-minute before going in the air.