tips to travel with third world passport

Third World Passport and Traveling Passion: 5 Tips to make most out of it

You can choose your destiny if you are really made for it but whomever, whatever, however you’re, you can’t actually choose the place of your birth.  You may not agree to that but still the place of your birth comes along with an invisible tag which entitles you about your opportunity, privileges and the impact of society in shaping your lives.  At the same time, we agree to the point, those who want to change the fortunes can equally do it while getting born and bred in Afghanistan as well. In case you’re about to judge us for labeling Afghanistan as one worst option, let it be mentioned it owns the least powerful passport on the planet earth.

The weakest or worst performing passport might be meaningless to many of you, but in case you’re traveler, it actually means a lot. For instance, for just getting birth in Japan and having nationality of theirs you fancy your chances as a travelers. How is that so?

Wait, it might be no-brainer for many, but just having Singapore’s passport unlock 189 countries for visa-on-arrival and visa-free option. But at the same time having Afghani passport comes with no such perks and privileges, and if one goes against the wind and wanted to make a mark as traveler visa fees and rigorous immigration clearances can be something as rare as unicorn for you.

Though we don’t want to rant or make you guys’ pessimist too just because you hail from a third-world countries. But you still need to know how things are way different in both these situations.  The first world-passport holders can apply for electronic visa and that’s done online or directly head to the place for visa-on arrival. Unlike that, third-passport holders need to run here and there at counters or face a long interrogation to finally get the much-needed clearance for immigration. Being a 3rd world citizen you need to have your application for visa very well-versed and if you don’t live it up to the hype be very much prepared to get rejected.


5 Easy Tips for Travelers with Third-World Passport


Speak Highly of Yourself

third world passport

You own a third-world passport and you can do very little about it. So, the best way is rather than dwelling in this entire empathic situation, own yourself and of course, your third-world passport too. Before you call us impractical for saying this, remember self-belief can do wonders for you.  The point is you need to embrace your passport and make earnest efforts to prove you deserve better treatment. At times, you might get denied for cheap deals and trips but rather than turning pessimist, try to get all the information required for getting an approval for visa to first-world countries and never be reluctant to make strenuous efforts.


Make your Travel Portfolio

Be thankful for what you’ve get and same way appreciate for the countries your passport allows to go visa-free or take visa-on-arrival option. Make your outings and trips count and mount it up as your travel portfolio. And once you do so it actually makes yourself look someone tried-and-tested as a traveler. This Travel portfolio will open new ways for you as a traveler as seeing your travel portfolio many first-world countries may grant you the visa right away. Else in other situations you might have to wait for 2-3 weeks or several months to get a visa.


Natives can make a Difference

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If you’ve some friend or relatives in first-world country it can be helpful for you to get visa for this destination. But how can it actually make a difference? They can actually guide you with the entire process of getting visa. Moreover, at times, the immigration process may inquire you about your hotel bookings and itinerary and that’s when the locals from that particular country can help you out. In case you don’t have any friend or relative in that particular country, you can scroll onto TripBefore and contact the locals. They might help you in this regard and once you visit their place they can help you with tour and accompanying you across your journey.


Keep things Organized

required documents for visa approval

You require documents such as NIC, itinerary booking and a formal application to get the visa approval. In this regard you can make a checklist of all the documents you want to get the visa. And once you get them, arrange and organize in form of both hard and soft copy.