Tips you strictly need to follow for your Sahara Desert Trip

What pops into your mind as soon as you hear words ‘ the Sahara Desert’, parched and barren land with starvation dancing around and cactus dominating as the only being over there? Though it’s true to quite some extent still it never means this place isn’t meant for the travelers or the nomads. The bottom line is it has plenty to offer to the tourists, you just need to set your pieces right as in the jigsaw puzzle. And what we mean by this is getting all your essentials and taking the must-needed steps for your trip to this largest desert on the planet earth.

To be very practical, several parts of Sahara are off-limited to the traveler and the only way to experience a bit of this anticipating place is visiting Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.  Those who never consider visiting this part of the world thinking it’s merely about the barren land, need to know 4WD expeditions, campfires, and camel journeys are also the scenic views that can be the deal-maker for many of the tourists out there.  Long story short, the Morocco tour is somehow incomplete if you don’t try having time in the Sahara Desert; of course, it’s purely your call you want to have an overnight stay or few hours of the outing will be enough. Moreover, we feel like glamping is one must-have option for the visitors – what you say?

What if you go through these tips and tricks before you make up mind for this one.


Tips for your First Time Visit to the Sahara Desert


Get your UV Pack

The temperature is usually on the high side and sun is there to restrain you from different activities now and then. Not to forget, the nights are quite often chilly and that’s when you equally need to be prepared for this sharp change. When it’s about dealing with hot, humid and dry weather, UV pack that may include sunglasses, sunscreen powder and sunblock will be your ultimate essential for the outing. Make sure you don’t miss either of them when packing your bag for the Sahara Desert.


Dress Up Rightly

Dressing up is your own choice and we would have actually not commented on that it’s not about societal problems; it’s actually in the wake of harsh climate changes that might knock you down. The point is to try wearing jeans and pyjamas instead of shorts. Same goes for avoiding sleeveless and half-sleeve shirts and try wearing full-sleeve shirts.



Book Air-conditioned Vehicles


Not sure if you’re traveling on a budget or have enough monies with you to make this one remarkable trip of life. Whatever it is but the pro-tip is to book an air-conditioned vehicle when on the way or traveling within the desert most of the time. This never means you are going to skip the camel ride as it’s something must-have but it actually means try going on the air-conditioned vehicle most of the time. When the temperature is already soaring it can turn really difficult for you to sit in travel. On the other hand, when it’s an air-conditioned vehicle, it’s pretty much comfortable for you to travel.


Know ideal time-frame to visit Sahara

We’d never say that it’s impossible to visit Sahara in the summers as many of the travelers have actually proved this point wrong. It will be pertinent to mention here that in this time of the year the prices are quite low and affordability is very much in the reach even for the backpackers. The point is the ideal time to head to the Sahara Desert is in September, October, April, and May. So, preferably plan your trip in the aforementioned months to make it an ideal outing.



Manage your budget for Glamping

If you can actually afford it, go for glamping as it’s the most luxury sort of living for you in the mid of desert. Your stay there at nights can be one finest experience of your life, and the scenes out of the window or camps make it a hell of a scenic view for you.