ICC 2019 World Cup Travel Guide

Travel Guide for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

The gentleman game’s most celebrated event, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is just days away from happening. And if you haven’t yet packed your bags, this write-up will not only make your mind but also let you know about the details regarding the much-hyped event. This Travel Guide for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is all that you need to read right now. The cricket world cup kicking off on 24th May will finally come to an end on 14th July. Not to forget, it promises to showcase 48 action-packed games this time.

For sure the travelers and tourists will be on cloud nine to spectate high voltage games of cricket. Happening in England and Wales for the very first time in the last 2 decades, cricket-enthusiasts across the globe are eyeing to be part of this mega event.  What will be working as a cherry on the top is these cricket battles happenings at the iconic cricket venues including the home of cricket, Lord’s.

There’s plenty on offer for the cricket fans, else it can be a superb family excursion for the non-cricket fans. Who wouldn’t want to be part of the mega event and also visiting around in the cities like Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, and of course London too. The cultural diversity will be on peak and so will be the chance to make new friends and get good value for the money in the safest environment.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Venue and Cities

The prestigious cricket world cup is returning to the home of cricket after 20 years. And as expected it is going to be bigger and better like never before. Stretched on to 11 venues for 48 ODI’s, this world-cup is special as it is based on a round-robin format. Means all 10 of teams battling in for the coveted cup will face each other at least once.

The venue detail is out since long, here’s everything you are eyeing to know:

  • Kennington Oval, London
  • County Ground, Bristol
  • Trent Bridge, Nottingham
  • Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
  • Riverside Ground, Chester-le-Street
  • Lord’s, London
  • Headingly, Leeds
  • Edgbaston, Birmingham
  • Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester
  • The Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton
  • The Rose Bowl, Southampton


World Cup 2019 Cities and Attractions


The capital and the heart of the United Kingdom, London has history stepping back to the Roman Times. But that never means it has not enough metal and what we call modernity on display. From Trafalgar Square to London Eye and Big Ben to Tower of London there are dozens of such must-visit places.  And if you plan to visit this city during the world cup days, you can even witness the nail-biting encounters such as India vs Australia and England vs Australia as well. Plus, mark your days for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Final’s at Lord’s, London as well.



Stretched on the hills of South West England, and having deep roots with maritime history, Bristol is something you can’t overlook at any cost.  Bristol Museum & Art Gallery has enough to offer if you’re a fine arts-enthusiasts in some capacity. Moreover, yet another unmissable space is the iconic Victorian bridge, which you might’ve seen in many of the movies as well. At the same time, if you’re flora and fauna kind of person, Bristol Zoo Garden is good enough to get you on the edge of your seat. If you can’t wait, the warm-ups for the prestigious event are kicking off right from Bristol.



Do you know Robin Hood? Of course, who doesn’t? Nottinghamshire is the place this spirited outlaw is said to be born and bred in. The Nottingham Castle is all filed with coveted artwork and notable exhibitions. The City of Caves is yet another historic attraction. In case, you are someone in quest of historical antiques, the Museum of Timekeeping has a vast collection of clocks, watches, and timepieces. The Trent Bridge Stadium at Nottingham will host five world cup matches this time around.


The capital and largest city of Wales, Cardiff has been witnessing too much of cricket from quite some time.  And this time it’s about hosting the prestigious Cricket World Cup 2019. If you’re cricket fan well and good, if you aren’t this city is still worth visiting. The Cardiff Bay is full of marina and yachts and so there are bars and the restaurants around which just make it even better.  In case you’re a bit of noob towards Welsh History, get to know it by visiting National Museum Cardiff.


Ageing back to the historic building Concangis of Roman Fort, Chester-le-Street has Beamish, the open-air living museum on offer. The Angel of North, which is an iconic angel statute, is an equally popular tourist attraction as well. The paved street is also something that it is known for; running from north to south now, it is called Front Street. This city will be hosting three world cup matches; the very first scheduled to take place on June 28.


This City in West Yorkshire is pivotal when it comes to the economies in the UK’s employment centers.  But that’s not the only thing it is known for. Headingly stadium has its own charm and so is the case with its ecstatic audience. In short, it can be a double-fun situation with a mega event and other places to visit around in this city. The best part is a unique sort of museum known as the Royal Armories Museum. As the name suggests this national museum has arms and armaments on display.



The second most populous city in the UK, following London, Birmingham is best known for its Museum and art gallery. The Birmingham museum offers pre-Raphaelite antiques and works. And if you are someone, marine life lover, pack your bags right away as the National Sea Life Centre has 60 aquatic animal species in an aquarium.  And if that’s not your cup of tea, there is something more tempting and irresistible as well. Yeah, we are talking about the Cadbury World that’s about tell-all chocolate history and thousands of chocolate variety on display as well. You can plan a visit in such a way that you also catch the live action of England vs India on June 30 at Edgbaston.



Rich in industrial heritage, Manchester is also known for its overwhelming love for the game of football. Being home to two of the most looked out for football clubs, Man United and Man City around the globe, Manchester has a deep passion for games. It’s no different for the game of cricket as Mancunian are equally crazy for it.  It can be further elaborated as Old Trafford will be hosting the most popular game of the tournament, India vs Pakistan on 16th June. Not to forget, the 1st semi-final will also be taking place at the same venue.


The heart of Somerset County, Taunton is known for its enthralling natural beauty, whether it be cattle-grazed meadows or vivid landscapes.  The Vivary Park is one of the must-visit historic sites which have dozens of activities in there. The Cooper Associates County Ground in Taunton will be one of the 11 venues for the world cup. With having only 3 games to host, the city will also host an electrifying contest between Australia and Pakistan on 12th June.



The port city located on the south coast, Southampton is known as the cruise capital of Europe. With the fascinating history up on to explore this city has enough of the present day art and modernity on offer.  If you’re eyeing to witness something different, Solent Sky is the place for you. It is the museum that tells you the aviation history, plus, showcases a variety of aeroplanes as well. The Rose Bowl, Southampton’s stadium for world cup will be the venue for 7 games in total, two out of them will be the warmup games.


ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Foods and Restaurants

ICC World Cup 2019 Tickets

The #CWC19 is not merely a cricketing event it is much more than that, a complete entertainer. The aura it creates around the venues holding the entire city that is matchless. People from different parts of the world gather around at one place and go ahead with supporting their teams with full zeal and energy.

But that’s not all as without refuelling your energy and charging your taste buds, it will all be incomplete.  The food zones will be set up inside and outside the venue with guaranteeing you the gastronomic pleasure.   No matter from which part of the world you’re the cuisines all across the globe will be right there on offer. The food stall setup around has got the approval from ICC and other authorities as well. So, foodie shouldn’t have any second thought about hygiene and taste.


ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Activities

As mentioned before, it’s not only about cricket; it’s about entertainment and a getaway you deserve to have.  The music performances, food, and other inspired events will be there within the premises of the stadium and out of it as well. There will be dozens of challenges and offers as well to pamper and entertain the audience to the core.

Different activities like Playland, cricket in the ground, meet and greet will be an exciting prospect for the children out there. At the same time, adults will have plenty of food and drinks available within the premises of the stadium. So, you can have that munching on and off while watching your team battling in the contest.  Have-a-go challenges will be there around so you could win or set some record as well. Not to forget, exciting prizes will be up there to grab.

The on-scene contests by the sponsors at the site or during the match will be there to keep you enthusiastic. Moreover, getting in camera for some activity or contest will mean you’re being seen across the globe.


ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Family Days and Guide

ICC World Cup 2019 Activities

For sure it’s a complete family-event with full-fledged security pampering you and your loved ones in the best possible way.  The security checks around all gates will assure you a safe environment. Plus, a pro tip in this regard is during matches only carrying the essential items to avoid any inconvenience.  What’s more, to it is being a family of four exciting discounts on tickets is also there on offer.

Moreover, alcohol-free zones are set up in many of the venues, and that’s specifically done for the families. Apart from that, cricket clubs and communities have even planned a family day, where they will be welcoming local cricketers, volunteers, and families. This event scheduled to take place between 7-9 June aims to bridge the gap between local clubs and communities. On the family kids will be getting the bit of coaching by some known cricketing faces and girls’ softball cricket will also be played around. Some of the clubs even have arrangements for showing the live world cup matches as well.


ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Tickets

You can buy your tickets directly from ICC or any legit third party as well.  The tickets with ICC are sold on the first-come-first-serve basis and that can also be done online.  What you all have to do is signup on their website and make a purchase there. The tickets will be delivered to you through Royal Mail or DHL. Once, the tickets are on their way, you’ll also be given a tracking number for them.

Talking about the ticket prices, a child can watch a world cup match for only £6. Moreover, for a selected group match, a family of four can witness the game just for £44. It should be noted here that children under two unless they occupy a seat a free of any charges. It should be noted here that ticket prices range from £40 to £500, depending upon the match and seats you’re looking for. For more details: ICC Tours and Travels

To get it all done with ease, you can even get a local from TripBefore, who’ll be accompanying and arranging things for you as well after the deal has been locked by both of you.