Travellers Pack Your Bags for Glastonbury Festival 2019: Lineup, Tickets and Location

It was very unusual to see annually happening Glastonbury Festival not happening for the year 2018. Back after a hiatus, Glastonbury 2019 is going to be bigger and better like never before. One of the most celebrated arts festivals across the globe, this one isn’t merely about contemporary music or EDM. Taken as one of the largest Greenfield festivals worldwide; Glastonbury takes place somewhere in Somerset, England. This time around it will be taking place at Worthy Farm.

Turning out to be one undeniable part of the British Culture, Glastonbury is happening on and off since the 1970s. At first, it was named as Pilton festival and sooner it got changed to Glastonbury festival.  With only 1500 tickets sold in the very first edition, the last Glastonbury festival outing sold 135,000 tickets. The year 2018 was fallow one and the comeback this time is vowed to have all the pomp and show in an even better way.

To those who haven’t yet packed their bags for this event scheduled to take place from 26-30 June, need to know that Miley Cyrus will be setting the stage on fire this time.  Plus, she isn’t the only show stellar; there are many other big names on board including Janet Jackson and George Ezra. This event could be your perfect getaway this summer. The adrenaline rush for this event is not limited to music and singing, cabaret, comedy, dance, and theatre are some other major highlights.


What is Glastonbury Music Festival?

Glastonbury Music Festival


Now it’s Britain’s biggest music festival without a second thought. It all started when Glastonbury was all filed with the talks of free festival moments and people were really open to all that. To be very exact it was 1970’s and the Isle of Wight Festival was the torch bearer in this regard. One of the notable organizers at that time Micheal Eavis took things to another level with hosting a festival at his farm in Pilton. It should be noted here that the festival was named the Pilton Festival due to its location.

The very next year Eavis named its Glastonbury Free Festival. Since then this event has been happening intermittently in some capacity. The 1998 event was the very first time when over 100,000 tickets were sold. Since then this festival is getting successful by leaps and bounds. The lineups that include some bigwigs from their respective fields are proving that this event is second to none. Namely stars like Adele, Cold Play, Beyonce and Ed Sheeran have previously showcased their immense talent on this platform.

At first, only being the Greenfield festival, this mega-event is taking some serious action to cater to this year’s 175,000 attendees in a better way. In previous events, gatecrashers have been breaking into but the security and other necessities this time leave no room for such incidents. The security, electric supply, transport, water and everything else this time is planned in a full-fledged manner.  For sure the leading rock and pop artists will be the showstoppers but you still can’t take away from the other magical performances like cabaret, circus, theatre, and others.


Glastonbury 2019 Tickets

If you already have booked the tickets for this much-hyped event it is well and good but if you haven’t there is little we can do in this regard. The musical festival, which is just a month shy of happening got the tickets on sale many moons ago. The limit of 1750,000 tickets and attendees just got snapped up within no times. The ticket selling board could only read ‘Sold Out’ then. In case, you were eyeing to get Glastonbury 2019 tickets in returned coach packages, it won’t even work as it has already taken place on 25th April.

But you don’t actually need to get disappointed with that, your quest for tickets can get you somewhere. A pro-tip in this regard is to get on Glastonbury fan pages and forum, you will most probably find someone selling his/her tickets due to commitments. The ticket for this year’s eve will be slightly expensive than the previous ones – £248 from £238 last time.


Glastonbury 2019 Lineup

Glastonbury 2019 Festival Lineup

The usage of the term ‘bigger and better’ for this event isn’t merely for exaggeration purpose; it’s actually going to reach new heights. The 175,000 audiences will itself be a record in Glastonbury history and so the improved facilities will be. But that’s not all; the never-ending line-up is going to be an eye-opener for many festival-goers. Miley Cyrus has jumped on Glastonbury bandwagon this time and that’s superb news for all the music fans out there.

The Pyramid Stage headliners for Saturday and Sunday event will be The Killers and The Cure respectively. But that’s not all Miley Cyrus and Stormzy is also right there in the headlines. Apart from that, there are dozens of other names to look out for at this year’s Glastonbury festival as well. Janet Jackson, George Ezra, Tame Impala, and Vampire Weekend will be rocking the stage this time on.


Glastonbury Accommodation

The multitude offers are right there in the front when you are eyeing to have accommodation at the 5-day long festival. Carrying on the reputation as one Greenfield festival, utilizing the camping fields for your accommodation purpose is right there on the cards. Plus, you don’t need to pay extra bucks to avail this facility as it is already included in your ticket price. At the same time, bringing caravan/campervan is purely your choice. And for this purpose, the management has campervan and caravan fields. But the thing is the dedicated space is completely sold out. Even the additional campervan tickets have been sold out.

The local accommodation is an ultimate option for those who don’t want to stay in tents at the camping fields.  You can book a house or room nearby as many of the locals around offer this rent over during the festival period. All this process can get even better with Trip Before as you can hire a local in Glastonbury during the festival. Moreover, under the personalize option he/she can also arrange accommodation and other facilities as well. Having a local guide can be your ultimate savior for this crowded event, which will be attended by over 175,000 people.