WordCamp Europe 2019: Everything You Need to Know

Its 21st century and things have been changing with rapid pace from quite some time. In this digitizing world having an online presence in some capacity is inevitable for success. Therefore, giving both pro and newbie chance to initiate, undoubtedly WordPress is a go-to platform for you to kick off with a blog or website. Those who are too noob to understand that WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) you need, and here they have brought WordCamp Europe 2019 for all.

As per the reliable report from W3Techs, WordPress powers 33.6% of all the websites on the internet.  In case you’re curious to know what WordCamp has to do with this WordCamp thingy?  Its largest WordPress gathering held every year across Europe. It should be noted here that over 2,000 WordPress followers make it to one of its own kind events every time. This year’s event, WordCamp Europe 2019 is scheduled to take place from 20-22 June in Berlin, Germany.

Though the name suggests it’s all about Europe; it should be noted here that people from the WordPress community across the globe make it to the event. Many of them join as the attendees and those with standout performances appear as prestigious speakers at the event. Apart from all the good things to learn in this 3-day long event, don’t forget the After Party on Saturday night.

What is WordCamp Europe?

It is the biggest WordPress gathering and when we say that it doesn’t mean only the core developers are there at the event.  The casual users, newbie, business professionals, and entrepreneurs are also there to exchange ideas and also talk about the lags or hindrances in the development department. It will be pertinent to mention here that bloggers around the globe also attend this coveted Word Camp Europe as this boosts them with enhancing their knowledge about the content trends and the room of improvement in this case as well.

Moreover, this gathering also aims to get the users and WordPress on the same page with addressing their issues. And also letting them know about their latest arrivals and those in the pipeline as well.

About WordCamp Europe 2019

If you haven’t yet packed your bags for WordCamp 2019 scheduled to take place from 20-22 June this year, we’ll ask you to do so. Not exaggerating, this year’s event is going to best so far in seven editions already done and dusted.  It should be noted here that Germany’s WordPress Community is one of the most active by far in Europe and that is one of the reasons it has been home to five WordCamps until now. Not to forget, it all started from Berlin as the first WordCamp event was held here back in 2010.

The WordPress Community in Berlin has over 1330 active members, which means plenty of knowledge and insights to be shared. This year’s event has plenty to offer in shape of the WordPress exciting features and the pivotal SEO tactics as well.


Tickets WordCamp Europe 2019

No matter who you are, a WordPress pro or someone who’s just struggling to get things right. This event has something to offer for everyone. It should be noted here that it has handy tips for pro and talk to end confusion for the beginners too.  The affordability for all remains one of the main essences of this WordCamp event as the standard ticket is up on sale for only €50. And those who can afford to pay big and stand as micro-sponsors of the event are asked to buy the ticket for €150.

As the event is several weeks away from happening, the tickets are already sold out. But that never means you can’t attend this year’s WordCamp.  If you still look out for tickets, check #WCEUtickets hashtag on Twitter as you can get tickets as those having last moment change in plan will be selling their tickets right here.

Moreover, you can make this entire process happen in split seconds if you hire a Berlin local from TripBefore. The local may arrange tickets for you and accompany you there as well. And once you’re done from there he/she can also show you around what Berlin has got in all these years.


WordCamp Europe 2019 Schedule

To make it all hassle-free, we’ll recommend you to get your tickets in the first place.  As following that you can get registered for the Contributor Day and also an invite for the after party. Though the event kicks off on 20th June, it’s only the contributor day on this day.  The major event kicks off on Friday 21 June with opening remarks at 09:30. The track 1 will bring Jenny Beaumont to bash the misconception with his main title ‘Doing it Wrong’.  It should be noted here that most of the slots in the event will be 1-hour long which will include 30 minutes talk, 10 minutes for Q&A, and 20 minutes for setting up next track.

It will be pertinent to mention here that different workshops are also organized at the event scheduled to be held at the Estrel Hotel and Congress Center.


WordCamp Europe 2019 Speakers

This year over 70 distinguished speakers will be sharing their experience and thoughts at the WordCamp Europe 2019 rostrum. Some of the bigwig names looking forward to speak at the event include Matt Mullenweg, Andrew Taylor, Sabrina Zeidan and Micah Wood.  The speakers in the line-up will be talking about different topics in various sessions.  The schedule is set for this and speakers are ready for it. What you all have to do is buy your tickets and gear up for this much-anticipated event happening in Berlin this time.


Accommodation at WordCamp 2019

It’s all happening in the capital of Germany, Berlin. And the venue set for the event is actually the heart of this city famous for its cultural diversity. In case, if the venue has got off your mind, its Estrel Hotel and Congress Center. This state of the art venue stands tall as one of the biggest hotels across Europe with over 1,100 rooms.

Those willing to have accommodation there can do so and for this purpose Estrel being the official partner of WCEU is offering a special discount for the attendees.  At Eastrel it all starts from as low as €129. But that’s not the only option for you as there are over 700 hotels in Berlin and you can get accommodation anywhere there. As the venue is the heart of the city, the transportation is easily accessible no matter wherever you’ve got your accommodation done.


Charity Drop at WordCamp

The WCEU has grown up as one of the most notable IT-related events and that’s the reason the management eyes to make a bigger impression out of it. The charity drop comes as their yet another initiative in a bid to make a bigger impression after the affordable ticketing under the standard package.  At this year’s charity drop the attendees who’ve got the WordCamp T-shirts from previous events are supposed to donate the shirts not in their use anymore. It should be noted here that free WordCamp t-shirts are given to the attendees every year by the management.