Advice For Local

Advice For a Local

Once signed up and became the member as a local guide on Trip Before, you actually fancy your chances to snap up the deal with some traveller anytime sooner. So, before you lock up your first deal or even going with your 100th these handy tips can make it happen all good for you and your tourist as well

Booking request

Waking up to get a booking request from the travellers means you’re halfway there as he/she had shown up interest to explore the city along with you. But that doesn’t mean you’re being chosen for it; you could be one out of various contenders. So, taking it not for granted, go ahead with communicating it right and get paid for showing your city around to the visitors.

Know the expectations

Unless you aren’t aware of what your guests are looking for; you won’t be able to entertain them rightly. So, the key to standing out as a successful travel guide lies in knowing the demand of your client. If you get to know that right from the go, nothing could actually hinder between you and your run as a local travel guide. At times, you can know everything just within the several minutes of conversation what the traveller is looking out for, whereas sometimes it takes too long to dig into things and know about one’s expectation.

What’s on offer from your side?

You need to highlight all the salient features, activities and plans you have to offer on this trip so you could stay prominent on the board. It would also help the client to know more about you in details, consequently, making it easier for them to choose you among others.

Formulate the plan out of ideas

‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’, so, you are supposed to create a plan out of the wishes and ideas of your traveller. As you very well know about the highlights of your city and all the recreational activities, historical places, fine dines available out there. You need to formulate a strong plan that is easy and makes your guest thoroughly entertained as well. It should be noted here that, your plan should comply with the demands of the visitor.

Talk about first impression

Anything out of the thin air can hit you anytime, so, be prepared for that. Talk about your first impression and the signals that could help you recognizes one and another even if you run out of the mobile battery on that day or some other problem hit you up.

Set your schedule

Before replying with the positive nod to the traveller, always thoroughly check your schedule in the first place. If you are available for that, go ahead and be planned and energetic on the day so, rather than turning out to be a mood spoiler, you indeed turn out to be a helping hand to the guest.

Tell about your payment options

You need to talk about the payment options in depth, though we offer you the upfront payment option in case you have the EFA account; making it secure for you. But the payment or arriving on the tour day is also very much part of the plan. Hope you discuss these things in detail, so it all remains safe from the miscommunication that could lead to the dispute.

Make conversations on

Keep all the communications with the client on this platform so; it could work out as your legitimate proof in case some dispute erupts between you and the traveller.