Payment and Pricing

Payments & Pricing

The payment and pricing part remains an essential part of this journey at TripBefore where travellers pay host according to their per hour rates mentioned on the profiles. The time, schedule and hours are decided in advance by both the host and the visitor, with upfront payment being an option for those locals who have an EFA bank account. At TripBefore many of the locals are even voluntarily willing to show you their home city without charging a single penny and those who are up with remuneration per hour also charge way nominal as compared to the professional guides.

Based on the mutual coordination of the tourist and the local, paying on the day of the tour in local currencies is very much the option. What we would suggest both the parties before locking the deal is going on having detailed discussion about the payment and timings in the first place.

The payment we accept from the tourist is done through credit cards and up next we transfer it into the bank accounts of the local. This payout is not released before the 24-hours of the tour completion, to make it fair call and unless it gets clearance from both the parties.