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The journey is my home.

Unique Things About Me

I have done so many unique things in my life

My Travel Goals

"Travel has given me so much
so in the coming year I plan to show my gratitude by volunteering while I travel. There are vast opportunities to build and maintain trails along the Pacific Coast
allowing me to explore new areas of the world while spending time in the outdoors. Win-Win."

She has a good personality with good speaking skills. She is very attractive.

She has a lot of experience in traveling. I liked the way she talks.

Great women with a great vision

In which city do you live

As written in profile I live in Bangkok, Thailand.

I want to learn about Ancient history kindly recommend the city to travel to lean about it.

You should visit Giza, CIty in Ejypt

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Free Wi-Fi
Free place to stay.
Organize meet-ups, photo walks etc. and make new friends.

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History & Culture
Pick up & Driving Tours
Food & Restaurants
Art & Museums
Nightlife & Bars
Sports & Recreation
Exploration & Sightseeing
Translation & Interpretation
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Places I have Visited Visiting Percentile: 99.76

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Bangkok, Thailand
London, UK
Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali, Indonesia
Barcelona, Spain
Hongkong, Hong Kong
Milan, Province of Bergamo, Italy
Makkah Saudi Arabia
Seoul, South Korea
Tokyo, Japan
Istanbul, Turkey
New York, NY, USA
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Moscow, Russia
Baku, Azerbaijan
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Caracas, Capital District, Venezuela
Yukon, Canada
Alberta Beach, AB, Canada
Nuuk, Greenland
Stockholm, Sweden
Multan, Pakistan

My Travel Diary

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Baku, Azerbaijan

30 November -0001

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan & as well as the largest city in the Caspian Sea. Baku is located 92feet below the Sea level. It is also the largest city in the world located below sea level. There are also many tourist places in Baku. Its tourist places consist of Maiden Tower, Azerbaijan Carpet Museum, Baku Crystal Hall & many more.

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Tokyo, Japan

9 September 2009

I traveled to Tokyo on September 9, 2009. The first place I visited there is The Imperial Palace it is the chief attraction of Tokyo with its 17-century parks surrounded by walls & moats. The second place I visited there is The Sensō-Ji Temple. Highlights include the Kaminari-mon Gate with its 3.3-meter-high red paper lantern bearing the inscription "Thunder Gate;" the famous and much-loved Incense Vat, reputed to drive away ailments (you'll see people cupping their hands around the smoke and applying it to the part of their body needing healing); and the fascinating temple doves, said to be Kannon's sacred messengers (they also tell fortunes by pulling cards from a deck). After that, I visited many other places there.

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19 April 0001

Istanbul is a great city for a tourist to visit. It has a remarkable history. This city also remains the capital of the Ottman Empire. Many kings rule the world from this city. The Ottman Empire extended to 3 continents. I have craze to know the history of the great Ottoman Empire so I visited Istanbul on 1 April 2019. I visit The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Mosque, Grand Bazar & many other historical places there. People of this city give so much respect to the foreigner. This is the best trip of my life. I am in love with this beneficent city.

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30 November -0001

I have visited Dubai in 15-Jan-2019. There are many tourist places but I love Orbi Dubai. It's a world greatest tourist attraction. It will pull you at the heart of nature. It's consists of twelve different nature zones designed to create experiences that would be impossible in the real world – where visitors can soar through Earth’s skies, follow in the footsteps of polar explorers and experience the thunder of being placed in the center of an elephant migration.