Wasif Khan Multan, Pakistan Globe Trotter

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I will Show You all historical places of my city.

Unique Things About Me

Meet with local public in Naran.

My Travel Goals

I want to visit UAE
I want to visit Japan

Thank you so much for the great time!

Wasif Khan actually waited for my arrival in my hotel's lobby which was a very nice gesture to begin with. He then showed me around many attractions. He's very knowledgeable about London. We went to Buckingham palace, Westminster, Leicester square, Harrods, the Big Ben, and London eye. We also passed by Trafalgar square, St Paul's Cathedral and the natural history museum, and the national gallery. I'm sure we did more but that's all I can remember. I'm sure you won't regret your tour with him!

Wasif Khan was fantastic!!! Although it was a week day and he had to work, he still manage to show us around London. He was very patient and paid for our Fish and Chips even when we insisted. Buddy please txt/call whenever you visit the Washington D.C

Kind person and very informative. It was a perfect tour

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Hello wasif

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Perks of Traveling with me

Free Wi-Fi
Free rides.
Free place to stay.
Gift Cards
Annual Gifts
Multiple local languages
Data charge offer
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History & Culture
Food & Restaurants
Art & Museums
Nightlife & Bars
Sports & Recreation
Exploration & Sightseeing
Translation & Interpretation
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Places I have Visited Visiting Percentile: 99.04

Google Map
Lahore, Pakistan
Faisalabad, Pakistan
Multan, Pakistan
Okara, Pakistan
Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan
Shahrebabak, Iran
Makkah Saudi Arabia
Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Medina Saudi Arabia
Islamabad, Pakistan
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Sharjah - United Arab Emirates
Multan, Pakistan
Hong Kong
Amphoe Suwannakhuha, Thailand
Evenkiysky District, Russia
Man'kivs'kyi district, Ukraine
Sila, Chad
Multan, Punjab, Pakistan

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Hong Kong

30 November -0001

Hong Kong trip was one of my best trips.