TripBefore Portable Double Camping Hammock with Removable Mosquito Bug Net

Price: $100.00

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Product Features

1: It isn’t a norm to get a shelter always when it’s raining

2: Fit for Two

3: Waterproof

4: Hanging Loops & Gear Pockets

5:Mosquito Net

6:Easy to Setup

It isn’t a norm to get a shelter always when it’s raining;

of course you can enjoy this leisure time on your hammock as well.So,for this purpose rain fly This summer be prepared for the getaway of your life somewhere in the mountains or close to flora and fauna.If not, you can feel special even in your house lawn with this TripBefore double camping hammock. And in case if you fear of mosquitoes ruining the party, this hammock has got you pampered as it comes with a removable mosquito bug net. The high-quality parachute nylon makes it good to bear the weight of two. Moreover, 2 long tree straps and over dozen of adjustable loops help you set your hammock as per need.

Fit for Two:

The triple stitch edge seam of 210T Taffeta Parachute is what makes up this hammock strong enough to go through your daily routine. The dimensions of 300 x 200cm (118 x 79 inches) are spacious enough to fit two persons at a time. In case you’re eyeing to look the max weight limit it can lift, it is 700lb. (317.5 kgs). Moreover, it only occupies little space when folded and minimal weight of 36 oz.


version of this hammock is waterproof so you keep enjoying the rain without fretting about it anymore.

Hanging Loops & Gear Pockets:

The hanging loops give you the much-needed support on a breezy day and the gear pockets inside give you space to store your essentials. The quality zippers make both the hanging loops and gear pockets’ functionality stay there for ages.

Mosquito Net:

The micro-mesh netting on the top protects you from the insects and also provides much-needed ventilation. The mesh has 2500 holes per square inch, which doesn’t allow even the smallest pests to pass through.

Easy to Setup:

The TripBefore Parachute Hammock comes with all the material that is required to set up your hammock and get laid in for the very first swing. The 2 long tree straps and 16 adjustable loops in this package help you set up this hammock right away. After wrapping the tree strap one final touch is in the shape of aluminium wire gate carabineers.