TripBefore Travel Scarf

Price: $200.00

Product Rating:

Product Features

1: made your trips hands-free

2: Safety first

3: No compromise on style

4:Soft yet durable

5:Multitude of Colors

6:Easy to use

Have you made your trips hands-free?

If yes, that’s good but what about making it shoulder-free at the time of traveling. Yes, you heard it right; you need to get some space from those bulky backpacks and holsters as well. We provide you such a getaway with the travel scarf, which takes your style to another level and with the hidden pocket inside, it is a must-have anti-theft product. In case you’re pondering about the space you getting in this product; it easily fits your large size phablet like phone, wallet, passport, credit card, and stack of cash of as well.

Safety first:

The safety is utmost priority while you’re on a trip; this superb product has stood rightly for this as safety first is what we utterly believe. You can easily store your valuable in the secret hidden pockets without even giving someone a little clue about that. The zip on the secret pocket is designed in a way that it doesn’t leave a space for the wild guess about having a pocket beneath.

No compromise on style:

Safety never means the orthodox style or the few extra pounds of bulk; the perfect example for the aforementioned phrase is this stellar product. The high graded scarf woven in a design to make you extra cool is what you need to buy as an essential for your next rip.

Soft yet durable:

The stuff of this product is extremely soft and yet durable. It all lies in the material and the artistically woven scarf that makes it a comfortable wearing for your day-long journeys. Unlike the material that goes on having itch on your neck, this one is soft scarf that understands the need to cope with rigorous journeys.

Multitude of Colors:

As you’ve realized it isn’t an ordinary scarf you came across every other day, it’s something meant to be a game changer for every traveler out there. This travel scarf comes in multitude of colors as black & white isn’t the only color for us. The two-shades offering in this scarf enhances your style like no other.