TripBefore’s Robert Frost Compass (The Road Not Taken engraved)

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Product Features

1: TripBefore’s Robert Frost Compass (The Road Not Taken engraved)

2: Made from Leather and Brass

3: 100-year-old Antique Compass

4: Functional Compass

5:The Road Not Taken’ engraved

6:Easy to understand Dimensions

TripBefore’s Robert Frost Compass (The Road Not Taken engraved)

If collectibles and antiques are turn-on for you, here we have brought something to make your day; it’s a customized Robert Frost’s compass, which pays homage to bard’s masterpiece ‘The Road Not Taken’. The premium quality product made from Leather and Brass is good enough to take you on a rollercoaster ride to the past. This functional compass can save your day when your gadget is running out of battery or you aren’t having the internet access while on move. The leather case on the compass adds more to aesthetic of this product.

Made from Leather and Brass:

The perfect blend of leather and brass; this high-quality compass is there to stay for long. With allowing you the tint and a feel of an antique, this brand new compass allows you to have a throwback time while on move. The customized compass will suit the most when you’re out for some adventure trip or in quest of something.

100-year-old Antique Compass:

Feel like you’re Christopher Columbus or Vasco da Gama with this compass along during your journeys. It looks like a centuries old ancient compass, which makes it a must-have product for the antique-lovers out there. The fine antique finish is something to withstand a traveler’s rigorous routine without discoloring the brass on it.

Functional Compass:

Apart from the showpiece or a one wonderful collectible to brag about, this compass is functional too. So, in short this compass can get you out from the lurches when its signal issue during your trip to far-flung areas.

‘The Road Not Taken’ engraved:

Robert Frost is one of the most celebrated poets of all time and standing tall as the only bard to receive four Pulitzer award is proof of it. ‘The Road Not Taken’ is one of his all-time famous epics, which is about the choices/roads a person takes in his life. This poem pays homage to the traveler, so it’s engraved on the compass; working as cherry on the top for the globetrotters.

Leather Case:

The rugged leather case isn’t only home to your compass but it also supports the antique factor attached to it. In short, the leather case enhances the feel of this product and makes it an ideal gift for travel-enthusiasts.


The compass is 3 inches in diameter and is 11/16 inches thick. Moreover, it weighs around 8.4 ounces.