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• A personalized map that reflects your Travel Passion. (Profile Picture, Travel Badge & Memorable Photos appearing on it).

• Place it in the office or on your bedroom wall and it comes with Large, medium and small sizes.

• The cult-classical appearance adds more to the aura around

• Made up of non-synthetic material which’s meant to stay in mint condition for ages.

• Inspire your friends and guests with letting them know the ‘Places You’ve Visited’ & ‘Your Travel Story’ as well.

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Say Bye to Empty — Wrecked up Walls

The empty walls make it all look gloomy inside out, no matter how exciting of a traveler you're. Let these walls bespoke about your feats as a tripper. This map will create an aura around your place and wax lyrical about you as a travel-aficionado too.

Your Travel Journey to Inspire People

Reading travel diaries can take ages and even watching vlogs is the very same. — Feel like no way out? Here's an 'iMap' that'd let someone know about your travel itineraries, plans and stories just within no time. Even a glimpse of this map will let people know your travel heroics a bit.

Places I have visited so far in the World

Next on the Cards The lists of cities/countries you've traveled are penned down on the extreme left of your map. Make people count them one by one and just gush over your journeys so far. The next on the cards on the map will talk about your travel plans in the near future. Not sure, if your buds going to pack your bag along with you this time.

A Souvenir to Cherish your Footprints on the Map

How about footprint on the map that'd actually be highlighting your entire travel journey? Sounds glorious, Indeed, it is as your name and photo on it will make it look like a souvenir you've got for your journeys across the country or even globe.

Visiting Percentile makes you keep going

Not sure how you actually stand amidst other travelers - this visiting percentile with certain grades in comparison of other travelers will make you feel 'do more' or 'brag about' your way so far.

High-Quality assures you longevity

The non-synthetic special kind of paper/fabric is used to make these graded quality maps; so, don't fret about it getting wear and tear or shady due to weather fluctuations.

Customer Reviews

Mohammad Shazil Majeed Apr 14,2019

I just ordered this Personalized Map; this is what they call it. At first, it wasn’t that convincing but still, I thought of giving it a try as a present for my bestie’s birthday. Once it rolled out from the amazing package, I was myself surprised and so were my pals on the birthday eve. The birthday boy, who was a traveler in some capacity was glad to get that and it made me eternally satisfied as he said it’s the best present he’s got on his 24th hatch day.

Amber Smith Apr 17,2019

TBH, I was reluctant to place an order as I was unsure about the texture and material of the map. The more I got adapted to the customization idea of this map; came to know one can choose texture, colour, and type of map on their own. Plus, the personalization is also in your hand. I ordered one for my drawing room and it looks incredible. Planning to book a few of them for my office too!

Kasey March 01, 2019

I just ordered it for no reason as it was just a matter of $39.99. And wait what it just made my bedroom wall and of course, the entire space looks exquisite. Highly recommended!

Susan Arthur Feb 17, 2019

I am into writing Travel diaries since my teen and this map just provided me with an opportunity to display my travel history in just little space on the wall. It comes with some outstanding features like Travel Story, Travel Goals, and Visiting Percentile.

Devna Feb 14, 2019

Happy to get the Globetrotter badge on this customized map as I am a traveler, who has traveled across 3 continents and 20+ countries. This made me feel proud of my position as a traveler as it feels like nothing short of an honorary souvenir.