TripBefore Microfiber Towels

Price: $20.00

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Product Features

1: The finely woven TripBefore Microfiber towels

2: Compact

3: Microfiber Towel are better than Cotton towels

4: Multifunctional

5: Quick Drying

6: Anti-Bacterial

7: Odorless

The finely woven TripBefore Microfiber towels

These are firm support for your lagging trips as they are good to be your ultimate partner through everyday activities at pool, beach, and gym or even at some other adventurous place. No matter if it’s about drying your body after shower or soaking the sweat in summers, this antibacterial towel remains odorless. The compact size makes it a handy essential when it’s about ultralight backpacking; it’s somehow equal to your iPhone XS Max size.


When packing your bag, settling for less is the hardest thing. Putting extra weight on your backpack can cause backache. As we feel for you the compact ultralight microfiber towel is something we have for your travel journeys. It rarely occupies space in your backpack, but it is a go-to thing when you are off with the spill, sweat or need to dry yourself up.

Why Microfiber Towel Not Cotton:

This long going debate can be put to rest as the microfiber is way thinner than the cotton and when it comes to the absorption, it works more efficiently as compared to those made up from the cotton structures. Another standout feature this microfiber towel offers is being less prone to mildew.


It’s easy to carry, which means you can take it anywhere along; if you have a bag along it’s a plus, else it’s fine with even carrying it in your trousers’ pocket. The soaking ability makes it good to go for your beach outings, pool, and yoga as well. Being odorless makes it one must-have gym essential as well.

Quick Drying:

When on move you can’t spend most of your time waiting for your towel to get dry, so it’s time for TripBefore microfiber towel that quickly gets dry, and is ready to use for even next time within no time. It all becomes possible with courtesy of thin lining and carefully woven structures that allow the quick-drying thingy.


Carved from the anti-bacterial material makes it odor-less round the clock and assures the health with barricading the strength and doubling of bacteria.